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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Apr 24, 2017 9:22:30 AM

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The FLIR DM284 is a truly reliable measurement and diagnostic tool that performs brilliantly both as an RMS digital multimeter as well as a thermal imager.

Knowing about the nature of the problem in today’s complicated circuitry isn’t enough. Any DMM, or even an analogue multimeter, can detect voltages, currents, etc. and report it to the user. The problem kicks in when locating the precise location of an electric problem is required so that minimum downtime will be suffered due to the circuitry.

specs-dm284.jpgAs faults are of various types, knowing about the nature of the problem will help you initiate an appropriate step. Sometimes shutting down the entire system isn’t an option while sometimes breakers need to be tripped. Through thermal imaging, one can get clear answers to such ambiguities, as offered by the DM284.

The FLIR DM284 clearly demonstrates its superiority with its Infrared Guided Measurement technology built on top of a 160x120 FLIR thermal imager. With these sensors, you’ll be able to precisely locate the presence as well as the intensity of the fault within the electric circuit.

IGM technology visually pinpoints hot spots faster, enabling you to scan panels, wires, connectors or virtually any equipment through which current is flowing. All this, without any material contact meaning the multimeter is as safe as it is reliable.

With the DM284 you’ll be able to:

  • Observe thermal readings with a resolution of 160x120 (19,200 pixels) to get a vibrant image of the circuit.
  • Forget about carrying any other accessory or device as the DMM is an all-in-one package.
  • Scan any electric panel without direct contact.

The features list doesn’t end here as once the problem has been identified, a host of inbuilt tools and functions can be called up within the multimeter to develop advanced measurements regarding it. The DMM is extremely sophisticated in terms of processing and is able to solve the most complex of electric issues, well suited for the fields of electronics, power, commercial wiring and lighting and HVAC.

The DM84 packs the following:

  • 18-function measurements including true RMS values, VFD mode, LoZ and NCV.
  • Provide AC/DC voltage & current readings at an accuracy of 1% and 1.5% respectively, over a wide range.
  • Temperature inputs via thermocouple inputs.
  • Ability to display electric and thermal thermocouple readings at the same time.

On top of being highly sophisticated and cutting-edge, the FLIR DM284 is designed under considerations that it is bound to be used in industry, and thus would face harsh environments.

Some features include:

  • An intuitive user-interface and large-screen display enunciates simplicity making it a “plug-and-play” instrument.
  • The DM284 works flawlessly in all environments, sporting a range of -10 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • IP54 rated and 3m drop tested, the DM284 is as durable as a DMM can get.
  • The DMM has a 10-year warranty and is CAT III 1000V tested.  
  • It weighs only 537 grams, so is one of most needed yet portable digital electric measurement device in the market.


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