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Product Overview of CREE IG Series

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CREE, known for being a market leader in innovative LED lighting, has developed yet another energy-efficient, ultra-luminous series: the CREE IG Series.

 The IG Series is characterized by its WaveMax Technology, which is Cree’s trademark innovation in the field of optics. The IG Series comes in 33 and 66 watts, two lumen packages, both of which satisfy IESNA’s security requirements. A summary of the internal components is as follows:

  • Cree WaveMax Technology
  • 3430 – 7500 lumens
  • 33/66 Watts input power
  • 118 LPW Efficacy
  • Type V Short Distribution Optics
  • Minimum 80CRI


Well suited for garage applications, the IG Series provides top-notch performance in all conditions, while maintaining its low-glare, uniform light output at all times. All these internal credentials and many more are benefits of Cree’s Revolutionary WaveMax Technology.

What is WaveMax?

Cree’s engineers have managed to harness an optic property called total internal reflection, which allows light to be captured and released according to the design of the illuminator. By using DiamondFacet™ optical elements, Cree’s IG series delivers light with extreme uniformity and control. By doing so, WaveMax also instills cutting-edge glare control within the lights as light is now distributed in a uniform fashion, defeating all types of associated shadows while maximizing details.

What about the Efficiency?

Compared to the US National Average, Cree’s IG Series promises 80% energy savings!

The IG Series with WaveMax technology provides both low initial cost as well as long-term cost-effectiveness. The 24-hour online requirement of garage structures is taken under consideration by the IG series.

Compared to the typical 175-watt halide lights used in garages, the IG series manages to cut down costs by 80% and deliver payback on your investments in just 2 years.


The build and construction quality is every bit as impressive as the internal working of the IG series illuminators. For starters, the IG series has dropped the typical HID and Fluorescent lights design altogether and has come up with a more low-profile fixture design using clean, light materials while maintaining the lights’ sturdiness. Some additional features include:

  • Impact-resistant acrylic and polycarbonate materials
  • Mounting accessory with pendant and J-box mount
  • White finish
  • IP66 rating, therefore robust construction
  • 6kV surge suppression protection
  • Weights at 10 pounds
  • Requires virtually no maintenance

The IG Series comes with a hand-held remote that allows multi-level programming of the lights so that even greater efficiency can be achieved during off-hours.

Ultimately, the IG Series lights deliver superior illumination performance and provide the best value for money with their unmatched WaveMax technology and superior build quality. The amount of efficiency, sturdiness, control, and appeal embedded within these lights is hard to counter with any conventional solution available in the market.


With the help of CREE's IG Series,  Reston Hospital Center's parking garage experienced healthy savings, anticipating an 81 percent reduction in energy consumption, for $60,455 in annual energy savings, plus the savings on maintenance.


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