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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on May 22, 2017 10:15:46 AM

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Magswitch itself is a mechanical device that utilized patented permanent magnetic field technology to lift steel or any other magnetic material without any electricity. This factor is enough to give anyone millions of ideas as to where Magswitch can make life easier.

magdolly.pngOf the many tools and instruments Magswitch integrates itself into, one is the MagDolly. Weighing at 21 kg and standing 91.7 cm tall, the MagDolly is purposefully built to lift and move sheets of steel, pipe or other objects at considerable distance. Built on top of sturdy rubber wheels, the utility is of great value as it considerably improves the safety while reducing manpower for a task.

Compensation claims have always been on a rise from construction workers due to back-breaking loads. Magswitch’s MagDolly can take care of all these and make the removal of heavy-duty steel a piece of cake. Utilizing a strong Magswitch magnet and a seamlessly designed dolly, the MagDolly takes away all the load and leaves only the task of navigation to you. The worker has absolutely no need to get down on his knees or use his fingers for lifting. Positioning the magnet over the lid will do all the work!

The MagDolly can be fitted with magnets of various strengths, as per use. Take a look at the following table for the various options available:

magdolly chart.png

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