Overview of the MagDrill Disruptor 30

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on May 17, 2017 10:15:18 AM

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Magswitch’s patent-pending rotating magnet technology is already stirring curiosity in the market. With the newly developed technology, Magswitch has made instruments and tools efficient, reliable and safe by leaps and bounds. Built on the same set of cutting-edge concepts is the Magswitch MagDrill Disruptor 30.

Combining the rotating magnet technology with light-weight hardware, Magswitch has come up with a drill that is able to work its way through contoured and flat surfaces with fluidity.

Some of the specifications are as follows:

  • 532kg of magnetic force at full saturation
  • e3e7803d8bfa2117c9e1e2a3480b8ea3.jpg7.36”x6.49”x3.27” magnet assembly
  • ½” full saturation thickness
  • 276kg of maximum tip force
  • 400RPM at 900W load
  • ¾” Weldon Spindle
  • Rated at 8.2A, 120V, 50/60Hz
  • Weighs only 11kg

The specs are revolutionary for anyone whose used drills before. The size reduction alone is enough to put people in awe as at 11kg, the MagDrill is able to give competition to some of the most heavy-duty drills available.

Starting off with the operation, the Disruptor doesn’t require any electricity to gain hold of its target, from the thinnest of sheets to the thickest of plates. The secret behind this is Magswitch’s shallow field magnetic technology that offers hold over steel 1/8” thin, and the strategic positioning of the cutter, exerting higher tip force.This directly translates into cost-cuts and increased safety, as you won’t need to worry about disruption in grip due to unintentional energy-losses.

The Disruptor is built for every material there is, whether contoured or flat. It has a flexible set of features that allow it to hold pipes of various sizes, and other curved surfaces without the need for any special attachments.

The MagDrill position is already centered to enhance Magswitch magnet’s performance. Furthermore, partial actuation allows the user to take some of the weight off him/her and worry only about positioning, making sure you get it right in the first take.

Finally, if you want, you can turn the magnets completely off by the press of a button, to clean off shavings, wipe out debris, etc. Thus, the Magswitch Drill gives complete control, high precision and extreme work ability, all in one nifty package.

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