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Siemens is an industry leader in automation and a leading producer of energy-efficient technologies which are used within power generation and transmission.

As Siemens designs and mass-produces its own automation equipment for any given industrial problem, it follows many of its own protocol, standards and procedures. It can be challenging for customers to grasp a full understanding of these technologies. To solve this, Siemens has come up with its own way of tutoring and transferring technical knowledge with a service known as quickSTEP Online Courses.

What is quickSTEP?

In summary, Siemens quickSTEP online courses are a collection of free web-based courses that have been launched to help individuals and companies learn about Siemens products, their workings and diagnostics. The curriculum is comprehensive, complete and includes courses on electricity, automation, AC motors and power distribution.

These courses come within PDF format, making them reusable. On top of this, they make a candidate eligible for Professional Development Hour Credits, depending on the type of organization he or she works for.

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There are two versions of the quickSTEP online courses available.

Version 1

These are simple PDF files, compatible with all browsers except those running on iOS devices. The procedure is simple and is as follows:

  • Log in to the SITRAIN learning management system
  • Click on the Launch Course icon
  • If you gain a score of at least 70%, you pass

The certificate can then be printed.

Version 2

Unlike Version 1, this version is compatible with all devices and browsers. The only difference is in terms of quantity of course available, with Version 2 offering only Introductory Courses and Motor and Control Courses.

This puts iOS devices at edge as courses within both the versions form an ultimate package for learning and gaining practical knowledge.

Course Details

Course Name


Introductory Courses

[Version 2]

Packs two courses titled Basics of Electrical Products & Basics of Electricity. The purpose of this course is to get the user acquainted with Electrical technologies such as power distribution, power system protection and industrial applications.

Motor & Control Courses

[Version 2]

Aims to teach the user basics of AC Drives, Motors and PLCs, their construction and working principle.

Motors & Control Courses

[Version 1]

Similar to the previous course to some extent, but more comprehensive, this course contains greater detail and includes DC drives as well.

Power Dist. Courses

[Version 1]

The most in depth course offered by SITRAIN Learning Management System, the catalogue covers almost all power distribution components from buses to faults and from metering equipment to transformers.

This section in particular, is extremely valuable as it packs concept that are implemented in all sectors, residential, commercial and industrial.

What makes these courses unique is that they contain theoretical knowledge that is directly implementable within the field. In addition, at the end of each PDF file, there is an entire section that discusses the methodologies through which practical implementation of a solution using Siemens technology is possible.

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