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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Sep 8, 2017 8:11:35 AM

magswitch magdrill.pngWhat would you prefer? Take your work piece to the drill or take your drill to the work piece? This is the main difference between conventional stationary drill presses and the Magswitch Magdrill. Designed with Magswitch’s patent-pending rotating magnet technology comprised of the lightest materials, the drill is capable of exceeding all previous workspace drilling technologies and provide you with quick and safe operation for all sorts of surfaces.

Electromagnetic drills have been in use, but almost every one of them has been plagued by a single issue that has been too hard to counter. For instance, most manufacturers require ½” of thicker steel; any thinner and the material won’t hold. Others require power at all times to function, i.e. to keep the magnet “on”. The list of problems goes on, but the Magswitch Magdrill trumps them all.

MagDrill-_-MountainView-_-11.18.15-41.jpgMagdrill makes use of a permanent magnet that turns either on or off, and requires absolutely no electric power, none. The Magdrill works equally well with all types of surfaces, thick or thin, and provides the operator the ability to safely maneuver the sheets without worrying about them falling off. Magswitch Magdrill is available in various models.

One particular model for instance, the Magdrill Disruptor 30 includes the following:

  • Disruptor 30 Steel Box
  • Cutting Fluid Reservoir
  • 2” Extension
  • Pilot Pin
  • Hex Keys
  • Gloves, glasses, hearing protection
  • Safety chain

The Magswitch Magdrill packs five essential features that are too difficult to find elsewhere.

These include:

  • Safety: no need to worry about the hazards of electricity or material falling off in case of loss of power.
  • Lightweight: the drill weighs less than 25 pounds
  • Strength: has the ability to maintain grip over thin sheets of steel.
  • Ease of use: the Magdrill can automatically conform to any pipe that has a diameter of 3” or greater
  • Efficiency: one tool to rule them all, the Magdrill is a cost-efficient solution and can take care of all the heavy lifting of your metal works.

Overall, this is a wonderful tool and a great opportunity for industries to equip their workers with maximum utility and greatest safety.

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