Olsun Cast Coil Transformers

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 8, 2019 3:49:13 PM

Olsun Cast Coil TransformersA transformer is an electrical power appliance that steps up or steps down voltage levels, while maintaining the power level. Transformers are an essential part of the modern electrical system and are widely used in industrial plants as well. There are several types of transformers available, set for different purposes.

Today, we’ll discuss the Cast Coil Transformer type. These feature windings that are solidly cast in resin under vacuum in a mold. The manufacturing process of a cast coil transformer involves the windings being covered in a strong, low viscous, epoxy resin with a high dielectric strength. This protects it from severe operating conditions that are common in industrial environments.

Olsun Cast Coil Transformers provide a comprehensive and reliable solution to companies facing difficulties with carrying out operations in tough environments. The product is designed specifically for severe conditions. The cast material used with the transformer is a durable fiberglass compound that increase the strength while lowering the chances of short-circuits from happening under overload conditions. The transformer is free from toxic substances.

Due to its superior design, the transformer can be installed close to the harsh equipment, lowering cabling costs for the plant. Moreover, the transformer is capable of withstanding severe vibratory conditions as well. A highlight of the standard features is as follows:

  • Cast coil construction with copper windings
  • High quality grain-oriented steel
  • 180 degrees Celsius insulation
  • Tap changing can be carried out easily
  • NEMA Type 1 enclosure

In addition to this, Olsun also allows its customers to request optional features, such as electrostatic shields, NEMA 3R enclosures, metering, surge arrestors, and so on. This makes the product reliable, safe as well as highly flexible for industrial needs.

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