Magswitch Safety Features for Automation Products: Part 2

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Mar 21, 2017 10:54:25 AM

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Part 2

This post is a continuation of: Magswitch Safety Features for Automation Products: Part 1

The success and widespread acceptance of Magswitch tools is evident as renowned companies such as Audi, Volkswagen, Gestamp, Ford, Chrysler and others have adopted this technology within their plants. The prime reason has been the associated reliability that comes with Magswitch, allowing the handling and fabrication of steel with minimal risks.

Magswitch’s safety is dependent on several factors—one of them being its field depth. The product currently offers two configurations: shallow or deep. Both these configurations are made for specific applications, with shallow being more suitable for thinner materials and deep suitable for thicker ones. However, Magswitch has designed its product considering scalability and the dynamics of automation facilities. They have designed the Shallow Field configuration for such a wide range so that it may handle steel sheet of varying thickness without the risk of failing.

In every high strength holding application, there is an associated risk. To provide maximum lifting strength with the heaviest of flat steel loads, Magswitch has a “M” shaped housing. This optimizes the saturation, allowing high loads to be lifted through minimized surface area. This similarly applies with thin steel sheets where stability is vital. Magswitch’s Linear Array technology allows accurate stacking of thin sheets without deviating from the set target.

The elimination of an external power source means that Magswitch is accessible at the hardest-to-reach places without risking workers’ lives or putting expensive machinery at risk of mechanical failures. Its ability to accurately work with thin sheets to safely handling car frames worth tens of tons is astounding, and reason enough to replace conventional technologies with this tremendously reliable one.


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