Magswitch Safety Features for Automation Products: Part 1

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Mar 17, 2017 2:32:10 PM

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Part 1

Magswitch is the world’s most advanced switchable magnet technology which combines strength, precision and safety all in one package. Their success and widespread acceptance is visible through their ever-increasing range of products.

For automation products, Magswitch combines the power of five typical electromagnets while eliminating the need for external power input. This ultimately gives you:

  • Complete On/Off control
  • Superior hold allowing heavy liftoffs
  • Exceptional hold on thin steel

When analyzing the safety features of Magswitch, the product typically provides more safety benefits compared to conventional electromagnetic technologies. Additonally, Magswitch is compliant of the following Safety Standards:

  • Magswitch is designed, developed and manufactured per the ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Magswitch endures the power of rare earth magnets without electricity
  • Magswitch can handle over 742°F
  • Magswitch complies with European health, safety and environmental protection legislations

So, how do these features end up providing safety in automation production?

The first and foremost advantage is the safety obtained from Magswitch’s strength and dexterity. The ability to handle heavier loads while providing a lighter lift and stability control means any task can now be handled without the risks associated with conventional technologies.

Magswitch automation tools are designed with the assumption that no product—no matter how high the quality—is fail-proof. The availability of a fail-safe operation means that in case of loss of air pressure, the magnets remain in their most recent position, preventing collapse of any supported structure. This claim is reinforced by rigorous testing under the ASME BTH-1 and B30.20 standards ensuring load is never released without user interaction. Magswitch's reputable products ensure quality, ultimately providing safety in automation production that you can count on.

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Magswitch 2016 Product Catalog 


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