Magswitch Heavy Lift Frame 8000-M: Increase Productivity & Safety

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magswitch.pngMagswitch is a mechanical device capable of turning a permanent magnetic field on or off. The introduction of Magswitch technology has offered a new approach to how conventional tasks are performed in the heavy lifting industry. Permanent magnets have been in use for tasks such as welding and fabrication for a really long time, however they’ve been dismissed for heavy lifting due to the complexity involved. Magswitch challenges the traditional clamping methodologies in use and allows metalworks operations to be carried out on the core strength of permanent magnets.

  • Total on/off control to the user
  • Placement with precision
  • Ultra-strong hold
  • Tight grip on thin steel sheets

Magswitch technology is being used in several tools spread over the industrial workspace. Compared to old technology, Magswitch offers a lightweight and effective alternative, one that’s convenient in the long-run. Safety is one of the greatest concerns in a heavy lifting environment. Magswitch places great emphasis on this, ensuring their tools don’t give up midway on any cost.

How does Magswitch handle thick & thin materials?

Magswitch makes use of Deep Field and Shallow Field technologies to handle materials of varying thickness. Deep Field technology works with thicker materials such as those that have air-gap, uneven surface or dirt and debris. On the other hand, Shallow Field can handle thinner materials giving the operator precise control over its de-stacking.

Heavy Lift Frame Series

IMG_2229.jpgIn order to meet all metal heavy-lifting requirements, Magswitch has introduced its Heavy Lift Frame Series (HLF), all designed, tested and manufactured in the USA. The tool is a worthy requirement for workspaces that involve lifting, moving or handling of pipes, I-beams or heavy sheet steel. The tool utilizes the Magswitch magnet technology allowing it to lifting heavy steel as thick as 4.76mm.

Here are the features of the HLF 8000 M:

  • Capable of lifting 3000, 4000, 6000 and 8000 pounds depending on the model selected
  • Allows seamless de-stacking, lifting and handling
  • Cordless electric actuation along with remote control gives total control to the user
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Onboard battery enhances portability

Improved Safety

As stated earlier, Magswitch technology is extremely safe. Safety is an integral part of the HLF series due to the nature of lifting involved. The tool instill safety in the workplace by limiting human involvement at any given time. The shallow field de-stacking capability takes up less floor space, allowing workers to focus on other tasks while the lifting takes place.

Power failure is often seen as a highly vulnerable sign in the operation of heavy machinery, however the HLF series ensures a high degree of security even in such a condition. Unlike traditional vacuum or electromagnetic systems, power failures don’t effect Magswitch, allowing it to work without any interruptions.

Greater Productivity

Magswitch HLF simply replaces conventional tools and technology; so how does it improve productivity? Magswitch units surpass all other magnetic lifters when it comes to transferring flux onto thinner materials. This allows the tool to de-stack and work with materials of varying thickness. In addition, the entire operation is streamlined, requiring only one operator. This increases cost-efficiency, and allows reassignment of workers to more creative tasks. Hence, the overall productivity of the workplace environment is improved, which as a result elevate the company’s competitiveness in the market.

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