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mag (3)Magswitch claims it's changing the way things are done; a statement that is very much accurate. The mechanical device’s phenomenal ability to turn permanent magnetic field on/off at the switch of a button makes it eligible for an exhaustive list of applications, while revolutionizing the way things are currently done in the steel fabrication & handling industry.

While permanent magnets have always been a part of the steel industry, they’ve never been used in heavy-duty applications. Electromagnetic technology has always been at the forefront when it comes to lifting steel bars and sheets. But Magswitch technology has changed this all, and introduced a new dimension of efficiency, reliability and safety in metalwork operations.

Magswitch is now being offered as part of a variety of packages, one of which is end-of-arm tooling magnets commonly used for automation.

AR Series


The Magswitch AR Series has been designed for irregularly shaped surfaces such as pipes, and should be the weapon-of-choice when no flat target area exists. The AR series does sport three work faces, giving it significant flexibility for variety of applications.

The AR Series includes a number of tooling magnets, with the safe working load ranging from 4.3 kg to 356 kg depending on the model.

LAY Series

download (2)The LAY Series magnets are designed for applications where a high degree of safety and power are priorities. The LAY or Liner Array is ideal for tubing, rough surfaces, long cylinders. Multiple magnetic fields are working in conjunction to provide a rejuvenated pull against thin materials. For extended on-site recovery, each unit comes with a replaceable pole shoe.

The LAY series packs several models, with the safe working load varying from 204kg to 443kg.

AY Series

JSCBEAUTYThe AY Series of magnetic tools provide maximum performance in the face of thin materials such as steel sheets, offering consolidated power of multiple magnets within a single package. The units are best for applications that involve sheet handling and provide cutting-edge automation for suction system.

Almost eight models are available under the AY umbrella, with safe working load ranging from 6 kg to 79 kg distributed among eight different models.

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