Magswitch AR Series

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Oct 26, 2018 12:48:17 PM

ACD Template (5)The Magswitch range of magnets is a game changer, revolutionizing the metals industry, adding new capabilities in steel fabrication, handling and lifting. The improved productivity, safety and efficiency brought by the ability to switch the magnetic field on and off with a simple twist makes it way to all corners of the manufacturing chain.

At a glance the features include:

  • Compact design housing a single magnet
  • Customizable contact surfaces
  • Quick MTTR mounting
  • 90% less air, saving energy
  • Fail-safe operation

The AR Series has been designed for use with pole shoes. This has been done to maximize the breakaway force and minimize residual magnetism. Each unit comes equipped with a set of dual-purpose pole shoes for pipe or flat stock. Flipping the pole shoes around allows the V shape to be exposed for use. The series provides a range of pole shapes so that ease of use is always maximized when gripping part, in flat, round or irregular fashion.

The magnet is a perfect replacement for power clamps, suction cups and parallel grips, utilizing a 6-axis robot as the transfer medium. Due to its compact size, it can be fitted within tighter spaces for precision workings.

The various models and their technical specifications are as follows:

Magswitch AR

Note that Magswitch also allows design and fabrication of custom poles shoes to meet advanced performance needs.

More specifications can be found here.

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