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Posted by Tenisha Corrales on Jan 26, 2015 9:00:00 AM

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 Advanced Controls and Distribution is excited to announce the world’s most advanced switchable magnet technology to our product line. Magswitch products are not only light, but very strong, precise, and easy to use. The Magswitch magnet can be found inside their products.

What is a Magswitch?

A Magswitch is a device that allows a magnetic field to be turned on and off mechanically. Similar to an electromagnet, but you do not need ongoing power to endure a strong magnetic field. Magswitch can exhibit up to 5 times the power of other magnet systems.

How strong are Magswitch magnets?

With its innovative design, Magswitch can hold more than 250 times its own weight.  Magswitch popular model weighs less than half a pound, but can hold over 110 pounds. Different sizes and models are available to suit particular applications.

Is Magswitch an electromagnet?

Magswitch is not an electromagnet. The intrinsic safety and independence from any external power source of the Magswitch allows it to replace many existing electromagnets in accordance with the need to develop ecological sustainability and improved performance.

How is a Magswitch turned on?

You can turn on a Magswitch using various methods – from a manual knob or t-handle, workholding clamps and majigs; pneumatic actuators, electrical motors and solenoids, as well as hydraulics. What you use depends on the application and its demands.

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