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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Nov 1, 2017 12:00:28 PM

machine monitoring.pngThe worst method of operating machines is running them to a point of failure, carrying out repairs and then operating them again. This method, in addition to being overly expensive in terms of lost output is also hazardous to the workspace. Machine Monitoring can give your plant the capability to monitor, control & automate itself according to the changing requirements of the various systems. The concept is the epitome of modern industrial technology and utilized every available resource, hardware & software to ensure maximum uptime & minimum, yet scheduled maintenance.

Machine Monitoring is something that’s more of a necessity than an added feature, and can improve productivity metrics & operations by supplying accurate floor information. The ability to enjoy automatic, error-free monitoring & control capabilities can take a lot of weight off manual operators, and reduce resource allocation, leading to lower operational costs. Plus, the data gathered in real-time can be logged, and analyzed to carry out long-term predictions regarding machine’s health, leading to fewer unexpected downtimes.

Industries such as robotics, automotive and mobile equipment frequently use machine monitoring to their advantage integrating connectivity and indicating solutions within their floors. Banner Engineering has been a pioneer in the world of wireless monitoring & indication products, and offers smart solutions that can increase productivity, reduce downtime, and provide valuable data for analysis.

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Remote Monitoring & Tracking of Machine Status

A challenge arises whenever a machine’s location & status needs to be tracked within a large industrial space. Banner Engineering has just the right hardware for the job, in the form of an Industrial Wireless Controller and a TL70 Tower Light.  Using the light with a wireless radio serves as a base for machine monitoring operations, allowing users to track up-time, failures or any deviations in the readings. As all such tasks would be carried out wirelessly, extra costs of wiring and reaching a hard-to-reach location wouldn’t serve as issues.

TL70 Tower Light

banner-tl70.jpgComing to the indication solution, Banner’s TL70 Tower Light is one way of making sure the entire floor gets aware of a change in operational status. The big & bright 70mm tower light comes with two banks of LEDs, and sport a rugged, water-resistant IP65 housing. In addition, it comes with audible segments (92dB & 101dB), to make sure the warning signal is heard from all corners. But one of the best features of this light is its ability to be operated wirelessly. This truly serves an industrial purpose, as installation of wiring in hard-to-reach places can be extremely resourceful.

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