Leuze Improves Work Safety in Sheltered Workshops

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 11, 2017 8:24:07 AM

Copy of smart camera.pngHandicapped persons are often marginalized in industrial markets on a global scale. Whether it’s a white-collar job, or one that involves getting your hands dirty, people with disabilities are often prone to getting sidelined. The major reason behind this default ignorance policy is the work-safety concern that comes into play for such personnel.

However, Germany has made more than 1 billion Euros by employing 250,000 handicapped employees. Surely, the equipment and workplace had to be designed with greater safety, but still the industry managed to turn a profit and it led to greater social development.

leuze-1.pngSheltered Workshops have hardware requirements that are different from normal workplaces. Leuze Electronic has been keen to play its part in empowering handicapped personnel, and therefore has been designing and producing safety devices. The new Type 4 Multiple Light Beam Safety Device is a prime example, one that has been in production since 2010 and has been widely accepted in metal processing machines for guarding as well as muting.

The growing demands from companies such as BMW, Krones AG, etc. are present. These demands have to be fulfilled within a specific timeframe but still safety of personnel has to remain unscathed. The MLD 500 Series Light Beam Devices play a major role in securing the facility. The sensors have an intelligent transmitter-receiver system that works in the harshest of systems and prevent any mishap.

Here are few of its features:

  • Integrated muting functionality
  • Available as 3-beam transceiver
  • Requires no lengthy configuration
  • Integrated 7-segment display
  • Comes with AS-i Safety Interface

Setting up the MLD 500 sensor is extremely easy. The MLD sensor assists the installed with LEDs and a 7-segment display, keeping check of all the steps that are being performed. Messages appear on the display, and clear instructions allow roll-back of operations within no time. At the end of the day, the MLD 500 becomes a small price to pay for the economic and social benefits that come as a result of Sheltered Workshops.  

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