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Leuze DDLS 500 Product Overview

ddls500-1.pngModern industrial workspaces have dynamic requirements. Industrial networks in high-bay storage systems, gantry crane bridges and side tracking skates are plagued with interference over long distances. Currently available devices in the market require a considerable amount of effort for alignment and commissioning so that maximum continuity in the system can be insured.

ddls500-shine-for-1.pngOptical data transmission transceivers can help eliminate such problems, and make error-free, wireless transmission of data a reality. The Leuze Electronic DDLS 500 line of photoelectric sensors combine 100Mbit/sec real-time transmission with an integrated web-server, bringing a company closer to its goal of increased efficiency.

Optical data transceivers are naturally the right choice for all applications where continuity is a priority. Transceivers like the DDLS 500 allow contact and wear free communication to take place wherever mechanical systems are limited by constraints.  Apart from these basic functionalities, the DDLS 500 packs several additional functions that can greatly simplify operations, lower running costs and offer quicker diagnostics.

Here are the specs of the DDLS 500:

  • 18–30 CVD supply voltage
  • 200mA consumption without heater, 800mA with heater
  • Infrared/red light transmitting source
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, UDP, ProfiNET, etc. supported
  • Transmission rate of 100Mbit/s
  • IP65 level of protection

Data Transmission Fast & Efficient

The concept is simple. Two devices are placed opposite to each other, where one of these holds a fixed position, with the other one moving. The infrared laser medium communicates in a bidirectional manner, and allows distances of up to 200 meters to be bridged. This means no cables, no hassle.

The DDLS 500 links with ethernet networks and provide a bandwidth of 100Mbit/s, enough to meet the exorbitant of communication needs. Supporting all common ethernet protocols such as Profinet, EtherCAT, etc., DDLS 500 is ideal in places that involve a lot of lifting and axial movements.

Modular Construction

All necessary functions can be combined in an orderly, modular fashion with the base model.

The user may choose from any of the following functions:

  • Heating
  • Distances
  • Laser alignment aid
  • Operating ranges

Such modular design allows devices to be selected flexibly and according to the requirements. This means that the final selection would perform only those tasks that are required, providing top-level efficiency and reliability.

However, this doesn’t mean that the DDLS 500 isn’t adaptable. The medium is adaptable from distances of 0.1–200 meters, making it ideal for all kinds of applications. By projecting four clear visible laser spots, the installation is simplified greatly, requiring minimum external training.

Also, a heater may be installed for use in cold stores or outdoor environments.

Easy Mounting & Alignment

The DDLS 500 uncomplicates the entire process of commissioning a sensor. It comes with a pre-mounted mounting plate with spring-loaded wobble elements that allow easy on-site alignment without excessive wastage of resources. The person performing the alignment would simply need to turn the alignment screws until the four flashing spots are in line with each other.

Vertical alignment is carried out by using an integrated level, and turning a second alignment screw. Once done, a laser spot indicates the position at which the opposing device has to be mounted. Leuze Electronic makes use of patented single-handed adjustment technology that eliminates the need for multiple workers, no matter how great the distance is.

  • For mounting at small distances: the straightedge can be positioned on the device in order to carry out alignment, thanks to the simple housing design.
  • For mounting at greater distances: four laser spots are used for horizontal alignment, while an integrated bubble is used for vertical alignment.

Remote Diagnostics

Keeping itself in line with the age of digitization, Leuze Electronic has developed an easy-to-use integrated web server. Not only does it prove invaluable during commissioning and alignment but it also helps carry out location-independent diagnostics.

Regardless of where they are located, you can bring in help from around the globe and rectify problems instantly. In addition to providing detailed diagnostics information, the DDLS 500 also lets remote configuration. This can save a lot of resources and improve the overall efficiency and reliability of operations. For example, for industrial assets spread over remote locations, only a single central monitoring office will be required to make sure no unexpected shutdowns come-in.

The received signal level is monitored constantly. For instance, in addition to received LED signal, the web-server also makes available the pre-failure message. All warning messages which have the potential to cause a system-breakdown are displayed in real-time. Such measures make sure that the benefits reaped from the DDLS 500 aren’t neutralized by unrepaired faults.

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