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bps300i.pngThe Leuze BPS 300i range belongs to the second generation of bar code positioning systems, setting new standards both in terms of performance and handling. Using visible red laser light, the positioning system determines its position and speed with respect to the bar code tape. The tape itself is fixed along the travel path.

The procedure is quite simple. Starting off with the bar code tape, the code is first read. Next, the position is determined and finally after internal processing the accuracy is improved to less than a millimeter. The final position and speed values are provided to the user through a controller via the host interface.

Here’s a look at the features of this system:

  • Positioning performed at sub-mm accuracy ranging from (0 – 10,000m)
  • Allows control to be performed at high traverse rates (up to 10m/s)
  • Both position and speed measurement can be performed at the same time
  • Enables flexible mounting positions
  • Compatible with PROFINET, PROFIBUS, SSI, RS232/422/485
  • Configuration via webConfig tool or fieldbus
  • Optional model with heating is available for use in subzero temperatures (up to -35 °C)

Bar Code Tape

The bar code tape is available in two variants, either with 40mm or 30mm grid. Any bar code tape consists of a string of individual position labels, with defined marks for cutting it. The tape is usually provided in a roll, with a single one containing approximately 200m in length.

leuze - bps300i.jpg

Functions in the BPS 300i can be activated/deactivated using the control bar codes, fixed on top of the bar code tape. For instance, the MVS label provides direction-independent switching of the position values from one bar code tape to another. On the other hand, the MV0 label provides a control for the deactivation of the position output.

Nonetheless, the arrangement of the control bar code is such that it replaces one position bar code or seamlessly connects two bar code tapes with different value ranges to one another.


There are two major functions of BPS 300i bar code positioning system:

  • Position Measurement
  • Speed Measurement

Position measurement depends on a number of parameters namely: resolution, unit, offset and preset. Similarly, speed measurement is carried out on the basis of respective position values depending on the resolution and averaging parameters.

BPS 300i operates at a rate of 1000Hz, meaning it can ascertain a single value in 1ms.

Furthermore, the system includes the Leuze Electronic webConfig tool for extended configuration of the device. With this tool, the user can perform detailed monitoring and control through a web-based, graphical user interface. In addition to giving the user remote control, the tool also comes in handy whenever diagnostics need to be carried out. The diagnostics tab records all noteworthy event logs, and classifies them in accordance with their priority. These can be used for carrying out repair operations and backtracking system failures.

Heating Variant

The BPS 300i SM 100DH is a variant of the original model, built for harsh environments.

Heating is permanently installed and consists of two parts:

  • Front cover heating
  • Housing heater

The system can work at temperatures as low as -35°C and requires a supply voltage of 18 – 30 VDC.

When the supply voltage is applied, initially only the current is supplied. As soon as the internal temperature surpasses 15 degrees, the supply voltage is put to action. A self-test is then carried out, and if everything is in order, an LED lights up, indicating that the system is ready for operation.


The requirement to determine the respective position of a moving component is gaining high demand. Optical methods are well-suited for such applications as they bypass the wear and slippage associated with mechanical parts. Compared to general optical measurement techniques, the BPS 300i is well-versed in terms of functionality, accuracy and robustness.

With highly flexible, hard-wearing Bar Code Tape, BPS 300i can make its way through curves and guide tolerances without any issues.

The advantages of this system may be summed up as:

  • Simultaneous scanning of three bar codes instills accuracy
  • The flexible depth of field allows mechanical deviations to be bridged
  • The large opening angle and compact construction makes the device suitable for conveyer and storage industries
  • Through mounting devices, the BPS can attain mm accuracy with just one screw
  • Even after voltage-drops, the system’s unique labelling methodology allows it to remain in operation

Due to all of these reasons, the BPS 300i is perfect for:

  • High Bay Storage Devices, where simultaneous positioning, precise reproductivity and high traverse rates are required.
  • Telpher lines, where due to wide working ranges (50 – 170 mm), flexible mounting positions and reliable position detections are required.
  • Gentry cranes, where fast, synchronized and scratch and UV resistant bar code tapes are required.
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