Lenze Washdown AC Drive Product Overview

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jun 19, 2017 8:37:31 AM

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The Lenze SMV Inverter Drive is comprehensive solution for all motor applications, allowing the user to finely auto-tune and gain a fast, dynamic torque response along with low-speed operation, all in a physically compact package. The range is specially designed for motor-related applications where timely control of speed and torque are a mandatory requirement for proper operation such as conveyors, food production lines, pump systems, etc.

The AC Drive Market has become a highly competitive one, with manufacturers going neck-to-neck against one another. The SMV stands out among the rest not only through its primary features and qualities but through extended technical support and two years warranty, which makes it a worthwhile solution.

Coming to the cutting-edge features of the drive, it must be known that the device has been designed for multiple uses so it holds quite a lot of flexibility in terms of market applications. Starting off with the performance, the SMV offers 4 modes of operation, namely; V/Hz, enhanced V/Hz, Vector Speed Control with 60:1 speed range and Vector Torque control. In addition to providing a dynamic torque response and sophisticated auto-tuning, the drive contains a sequencer with 16 programmable segments.

The flexibility of the drive is visible through its wide range of supported voltages, allowing it to work at 1phase/3phase connections on 120V/240V, without any problems. The packaging is industrial grade NEMA type 1, designed to hold in the rugged industrial environment, for uninterrupted productivity.

The simplicity of the AC Drive can be summed up in one term, EPM. Electronic Memory Module or EPM is Lenze’s answer to scheduled updates, whether the target is a single drive or a hundred. If an assembly line or industrial unit is equipped with EMP compatible drives, then upgrading/replacing any drive won’t require extensive reprogramming or configuring. Simply plugging in the pre-programmed EPM would do the trick, in just mere seconds.

Here are some of the specifications of the drive that stand out:

  • Two independent accel ramps
  • Fixed Accel Boost for improved starting, 500 Hz output frequency
  • DC injection and flux braking
  • Comprehensive control through keypad, floating point sequencer, etc.
  • PID modes for process control
  • Real-time monitoring of all primary electric parameters
  • Low and High DC bus protection

Starting Torque

The Washdown AC Drive offers exceptional starting torque to overpower all applications with rotary demands. For instance, when the SMV drive is started at 195% torque load, it only takes 8 seconds for it to deliver the entire punch, while accelerating to 50Hz.

Quick Acceleration

A sophisticated motor control algorithm drives the motor’s performance even higher, allowing it to acc

elerate from 0 to 100% speed in just 33 seconds! This is a highly desirable trait, one that could cut down production costs by speeding up the starting time.

Dynamic Speed Regulation

Industrial loads are known for their “shocking” nature. At times, they demand a torque which can’t be produced at the desired response. This is not the case for SMV AC drives, which deal with shock loads efficiently, recovering from a 100% shock in just 15 seconds.


Interconnectivity has become a stringent requirement for all digital products that aim to enhance productivity. Washdown AC Drives have also jumped on the bandwagon and provide remote monitoring and control through simple setup interfaces. The drive is able to communicate on most of today’s protocols such as EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ProfiBus, CANopen, etc. This means the drives can easily be integrated into a distributed control system, and provide robust control through remote channels.

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