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LEDs Improve Safety


Do you feel unsafe at night when there is little to no light? Whether you are on a college campus, parking garage, or simply walking on a side walk for exercise at night, it is important to be safe!

When it comes to safety, there are tremendous advantages of LEDs. With better quality light and more durable lamps brightening campuses, parking garages, etc., the move to LEDs improves safety and gives facility managers the peace of mind that comes with a long-lasting product.

Here are a few ways LED lighting can make parking garages, universities, etc. much safer!

  • Fewer dark spots and outages

    Parking_Garage-Before_vs_AfterLED lighting offers more even light distribution, leaving fewer dark areas and locations that can be easily targeted by vandals or criminals. LEDs offer an unparalleled even spectrum of light, reducing shadows and collectively resulting in a noticeably better-lit area. Unlike incandescent or CFL bulbs, LEDs also offer the ability to accurately control color and angle - making it easier to light corners and unusual spaces.

    LEDs also require less frequent maintenance and replacement, reducing light outages and maintaining the integrity of campus security.

    The lights can operate for up to 50,000 hours - or approximately eight years - meaning most students will graduate long before the lights bulbs they walk by every day need to be changed. In addition to the safety benefits, the durability of the product leads to lower maintenance costs and higher staff productivity.

    Finally, at night or during poor weather, LEDs will turn on to their full capacity immediately without having to warm up over time. With no transition period to full brightness, LEDs are either on or off.


  • Smarter facilities

    Improved safety and cost savings can also be utilized with occupancy sensors that detect when a person has entered the room or area.This allows lights to turn on once movement has been detected and turn off automatically when a room isn't being used. LEDs consume far less energy, annual power costs can be reduced by up to 80% and even more if the lights are only on when necessary. 

    LEDs are a solid-state lighting product, which means they are very robust and durable with being turned on/off frequently. Whether they're off for long periods of time or are turned on and off repeatedly, the light output will remain relatively the same. They will also turn on immediately, with no warm-up time, and reach full brightness right away!


  • Less breakage

    High-end LED lighting is excellent for challenging environments such as regions with extreme weather conditions – hot or cold!

    While incandescent lights are made of delicate filaments that can be broken with a slight shake, LED systems are vibration and shock resistant. LEDs release no harmful toxins if broken compared to fluorescent light bulbs which leak small amounts of mercury if shattered.

There are some huge benefits to installing energy-efficient LED lighting technology! LED’s can lower energy consumption, decrease maintenance costs, and lessen wear and tear on heating and cooling systems. There is also a rapid return on investment of less than two years in many cases!

The next time you have to park at a parking garage, remember to look for the one using LED lighting. The walk back to your car won’t be so scary!


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