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LED Lighting - Thriving in Cold Temperatures


As an LED Lighting salesmen, we frequently receive questions regarding this product – to most people, LED Lighting is still such a new and innovative light source. Questions often include: How long should I expect this fixture to last? Do LED’s hold up to shock and vibrations? Are there LED fixtures that are IP66 rated? How do LED’s stand up to cold? All of these questions are fair to ask – so let’s focus on one – How do LED’s perform in cold temperatures?

LED’s, which are lighting emitting diodes, are an SSL (solid state lighting) source, meaning that these diodes will not freeze in below zero temperatures. Most often LED fixtures are rated for -40⁰ F to 149⁰ F. An LED fixture will usually be rated for 100,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 25⁰ C. The important thing to remember is that LED’s will actually last longer in colder temperatures because less stress is placed on the diodes, thus there will be less degradation to them.

LED fixtures are being placed in ALL applications with its growing technology and innovation. We see LED fixtures being installed in parking garages, office buildings, hospitals, theaters, steel mills, and the list goes on. Where we are seeing LEDs really thriving is in cold storage warehouses (meat, dairy, grocery refrigerators, etc.), exterior lighting, and facilities that do not have heat or AC. In these particular applications you will see fluorescent tubes, metal halides, and high pressure sodium’s unable to keep up with these cold temperature due to the period of time the mercury atoms need to ionize and create the strike with the lamp. These temperatures make that process very difficult.

When considering different fixtures for cold applications, consider an LED fixture as a top contender – your fixtures will last 3x longer, will turn on instantly, and can thrive in the coldest of temperatures!

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