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LED Lighting Solutions: Making It Last


In a corner of the Livermore Fire Department in California, an old-fashionedCaptioned_Cent.png 
carbon filament lightbulb has been burning continuously since 1901. As of 2015, the Centennial Bulb racked up over 1,000,000 hours of service.

Well, you know what they say – we just don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

Of course, the Centennial Bulb is celebrated as a major exception and minor marvel. The average incandescent lightbulb can barely shine for a month with continuous use, let alone over a hundred years. How did we get from monthly maintenance rounds to the high-tech industrial lighting we see today?

The lifespan of the average bulb didn't evolve completely organically. Did you know that a conglomerate of lighting companies actually decided to depress the average lifespan of the incandescent bulb in 1924? When sales turnover started to slow down, the world’s largest lighting companies agreed to enact the thousand-hour lifespan standard. This practice, called planned obsolescence, dominated the lighting market for most of the century.

But the days of designed-to-fade bulbs are over – we really don’t make ‘em like that anymore. We make them better.

So what options do you have today if you’re looking for longevity in lighting?

LEDs and Smart Lighting Technology

The rise of LED lighting solutions disrupted the incandescent and fluorescent lighting market with a cost-effective, energy efficient, long-lasting alternative.

So how long does LED lighting last?  Clock3.png

LED bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours or more.

In that case, where’s the cabal of lighting companies, gathering to initiate the next wave of planned obsolescence?

Today’s LED lighting technology can’t quite be compared with lighting products of the 1920s, or even the incandescents of the past few decades. Modern LED lighting operates by exciting the movement of electrons across a semiconductor material, arranged like a simple circuit of tiny bulbs  – no fragile filament necessary. The circuitry lends itself to a broad range of new applications, leading us to the key difference:

LED lighting can and will evolve beyond keeping the lights on – it already has.

Smart LED lighting can be programmed in as many ways as people have the imagination to apply it, from automatic motion sensors brightening a room for passerby to sound-sensitive LED street lights that automatically record incidents of noise above a certain decibel to the municipal office or the police.

This opens up opportunities on an industrial scale as well, allowing builders, engineers, and manufacturers more control than ever over how their lighting performs.

The Advantages of Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

  • LED lighting can save up to 50% on the energy bill. Switching from a 1000W metal halide fixture (commonly used for tall ceilings in industrial spaces) to an LED fixture can save up to $150 per fixture per year.
  • Zero Maintenance for up to 10 years. Replacement bulbs and maintenance work (especially in high-ceiling or rugged environments where special equipment may be necessary) inflate the costs of incandescent and fluorescent lighting.
  • Durability. LEDs are the top performing lighting product in challenging environments. Industrial LED lighting can handle high vibration, shock or physical impact, and extreme cold or heat.
  •  Security and uniformity. LED lighting's inherent directionality allows precise aim and lighting distribution - that means no dark spots and no wasted light. Protect workers with a well-lit workspace and increase security by eliminating shadows in key areas.
  • LEDs offer the longest lifespan - up to 100,000 hours. That's with zero maintenance, too.


Evaluating Industrial LED Lighting Solutions for Your Facility

Our LED Lighting Specialists have evaluated a diverse range of industrial and commercial spaces for the most energy efficient, cost-effective lighting solutions. We can analyze LED lighting energy savings and cost savings for your industrial or commercial space with a free consultation.

Find out how your facility can upgrade to LED lighting and enjoy a lower energy bill and no maintenance:

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