LED Lighting Solutions for Auto Dealerships

Posted by Heather Morgan on Jun 27, 2016 3:01:12 PM


Industrial LED lighting is a great way to save money, attract buyers and show off your inventory. Switching to LEDs can make your dealership stand out, improve the quality of lighting, and make your facility more energy efficient and environmentally friendly — all while saving money on maintenance and your energy bill. 

8 reasons to switch to LED lighting in your auto dealership:

  • LED Lighting saves energy compared to old technology! Can easily save up to 50% on energy bill. Converting from 1000W metal halide fixture to 542W LED can save up to $150 per fixture per year off of your energy bill
  • No Maintenance for up to 10 years. No more renting a lift and changing lamps and ballasts
  • Uniform light distribution. Specific distribution patterns on fixtures can eliminate dark spots throughout the lot
  • Easy Installation. LED fixtures can easily mount to existing poles
  • More light for added security. Reduce theft and vandalism with more visibility
  • Showcase inventory in the best light. Colors pop with 5000k white light!
  • Available front row optics to feature cars in front row to catch customer’s eye.
  • Long life of fixtures. LED fixtures last over 100,000 hours


LEDs in the Lot, the Showroom, and the Service Area

In addition to Outdoor site lighting for the auto lot, we can offer the whole automotive lighting package that also includes Indoor and Service bay lighting.

LED Indoor showroom lighting can provide uniform lighting to show off cars/colors in the showroom and provide an inviting environment for customers during their car buying experience.   LED Lighting in the Service area can help promote workplace safety, improve visibility for service team, and increase production.

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