LED Lighting for Fire Companies: Case Study Roundup

Posted by Michelle Szemanski on Jun 29, 2016 11:28:05 AM

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LED lighting offers many advantages over traditional lighting technology across the board, but the effects on your industry may not be clear. In this case study roundup, we'll explore how LED lighting cut costs and saved energy for four fire companies with different needs and unique challenges.

Ladder_high_ceilings.pngHigh Ceilings, High Maintenance

A fire rescue in Florida operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The old lighting system also required constant maintenance, forcing staff to reach a very high ceiling to replace flickering, dim, or burnt out bulbs.

LED lighting is virtually maintenance free for at least 10 years! When the department upgraded to LED lighting, the company saved $8,935 per year. That's without any aggregated maintenance costs for years to come, and firefighters doing less ladder work at the station.

Motion_sensors.pngLeaving the Lights On

Like the Florida fire rescue, a Pennsylvanian fire company outside of Philadelphia operates 24/7 to protect the community. 

While volunteers jumped to answer calls at any time of day or night, unnecessary lights were often left on while the firefighters were gone. Over time, the cost of lighting the whole facility this way drove up energy costs.

With a simple one-to-one switch to LED fixtures and motion detecting sensors, the company saved $1,975 per year. Now when firefighters leave the station, the lights automatically dim and eventually turn off without slowing anyone down.

fire_maintenance.jpgMixed Signals

A fire company in Ohio was operating with a 35 year old lighting system.

The facility used a mixture of fluorescent and metal halide fixtures, but the combination was too dim for the crew to do proper mechanical repairs in the main garage.

The company saved $4,000 in energy costs and over $6,000 in maintenance costs by upgrading to LEDs, while greatly brightening the station for repair wo
rk. Now staff members no longer need flashlights to mitigate shadows for day-to-day maintenance of the rigs, and the new LED fixtures will last 2-5 times longer.

Dark and DangerousFire_Statio_Icon2.png

A fire department in Wisconsin relied on natural light to safely back rigs into the station.

Without strong enough lighting in the garage, drivers would not be able to see the back of the garage or even the helpers waving them on in the darkness unless the sun was shining at the right angle.

Upgrading to LED lighting saved the fire department $5,367 per year and illuminated the cave-like garage so that rigs could be more easily and safely manuevered into the station.

Calculating Cost Savings and Finding LED Funding

Many states and independent organizations are offering grant money and other funds to help fire and emergency service companies upgrade to LED lighting. In addition to the cost savings that can reduce your energy bill up to 60%, reduced maintenance, and improved performance, LED lighting's energy efficiency is more environmentally friendly.

If you haven't considered LED lighting for your facility, ACD can help you explore grants, rebates, and other funding options.

Let our LED Lighting Specialists do the legwork and present a solution that will work for your fire company's unique needs and budget. An upgrade to LED lighting today will pay off for years and years to come!

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Please visit the official OSFC Grants page to learn more about funding LED lighting for Emergency Services in Pennsylvania. ACD can help you with the grant application process!

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