Keeping Machine Safety a Priority

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 4, 2017 9:38:23 AM

machine safety.pngMachine safety is a concern for any small or big business. You want to keep your employees happy, healthy, and most importantly safe. Although, it can seem like the improvements you attempt to make to machine safety are only temporary and end up costing you time and money; today that's about to change.

The following are helpful hints to make the operational improvements to your machines productive and profitable.

1. Organizational Processes and Training 

Effective management plays a key role in keeping safety procedures productive. When implementing a new procedure, it is important to articulate clearly what the goals of the processes are. Having everyone understand why the new process is being put into place is just as important in knowing how the process works. If everyone understands why the process is being put into place, they are more likely to comply and carry out the process. Ensuring the entire staff is on the same page is up to the management. Failure to do so will most definitely cost the company time and money.


2. Make Meaningful Improvements

It is important to always consult your employees when looking for ways to improve machine safety. Your employees are the ones working with the machinery on a daily basis and often can tell you whether your implemented safety process are helping or hurting production. It is beneficial to try to search for improvements that have a large lasting impact on the company as a whole.

3. Every Success is a Win

When your team succeeds it is important to acknowledge it! Letting team members know they are doing a good job helps boosts moral and reinforces enthusiasm. Another good idea is to invoke a sense of friendly competition to create a productive and friendly environment. In all, every success should be acknowledged whether by an individual or the whole crew.

4. Make the Old Way Obsolete

Transitioning from one process to a new process takes time and sufficient communication. Occasionally, some individuals will feel that the old way saved time or effort and therefore will try to continue using old techniques.

To combat problems such as this it is essential to eliminate:

  • All old equipment
  • Methodologies
  • Old techniques:
    • Previous guarding equipment
    • Old automation techniques

This burden again lays on the management to support the improvements and to make it certain that the old way is no longer available.

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