I/O Extension Module for Sinamics V20 Increases Converter Scope

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jan 10, 2018 11:50:12 AM

sinamics (2).pngFor quick-commissioning and cost-effectiveness, Siemens has been offering Sinamics V20 Drive Solution that serves as a basic performance converter for industrial applications. The design & implementation is already highly flexible, and is highlighted by its push-through installation, Modbus RTU terminals, and power-saving modes.

Siemens in now offering an extension module to allow system integrators to capture the output of digital & analog signals. The new I/O Extension Module is based on the same great plug & play technology as the Sinamics V20 itself. It is mounted on the converter, and provides two addition input & output interfaces, each of 400 volts, greatly increasing the usable scope of the Sinamics V20.


The extension module also features connecting ports on the front & back that allow it to be combined with additional accessories from the V20 portfolio to boost functionality. For instance, you could combine the Basic Operator Panel and the BOP interface module, giving your converter the ability to control up to four pumps through a single drive.

Typical applications that are usable with the converter in combination with the I/O module include pump, fan & compressor or basically any application that requires additional input & output ports. With the module in place, the Sinamics V20 can provide digital inputs & analog outputs to the system, adding a whole new lot of applications to its portfolio, thereby increasing its flexibility.

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