Infrared Photoelectric Sensor for Water-Based Liquid Detection

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Feb 6, 2018 12:04:02 PM

infared.pngDetecting the presence or absence of fluids in clear bottles is one of the most challenging yet necessary manufacturing industry problems. Weighing systems, ultrasonic sensors and photoelectric sensors are employed depending on constraints such as finances.

Thin layers of water are normally transparent to light waves in the visible spectrum, but the scenario changes when the infrared spectrum is employed (1450nm), which is absorbed by water, thus eliciting its presence. This means that infrared sensing photoelectric sensors can be employed on all types of liquids as long as they contain some amount of water. For instance, liquids such as milk, hydrogen, alcohol, etc. are all detectable, however fluids such as vegetable oil won’t be detectable.

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Banner Engineer’s QS30 H20 Photoelectric Sensor is a reliable example of such an infrared based sensor. As long as the target is blocked, the sensor is capable of registering a presence/absence. In addition, the container should also be clear to an extent that it allows infrared to burn through. While, the QS30 works well with containers used in consumer goods, it can detect liquids within metal & cardboard boxes.

You should always choose high-gain variants of a photoelectric sensor whenever long working range or translucent containers are being used, while short-gain variants should be employed in applications where clear contains & liquids are used.

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