Increasing Energy Efficiency with Hammond Transformers

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hammond transformers (1)-1.pngHow Can Hammond Transformers Save You Energy Costs?

For almost a century, Hammond Power Solutions have been leading the world in the field of magnetic transformer design and fabrication, offering products that are highly efficient, safe, and comply with the highest of industrial standards. In recent years, there has been has a heavy focus on strict energy efficiency standards for transformers in North America. The motivator behind these standards has been minimization of power losses and to address current environmental concerns.

Final-Group-Shot-new-Reactors-and-DOE-300x269.pngHammond has been quick to act on these concerns and offers highly efficient transformers that not only meet these stringent standards, but also introduce a number of other benefits such as reduced operation costs and long-term reliability.

Starting off with the construction, Hammond transformers excels the field of efficiency through the following features:


The core is manufactured from supreme quality cold-rolled, silicon-steel laminations. The cores are cut with precision and interleaved so that any burrs can be eliminated and performance improved. In addition, Hammond uses aluminum or copper coils of the highest standards, precision wound and electrically balanced to minimize axial short-circuit forces. The flow of air is maintained through duct sticks so the transformers requires minimum external air conditioning.

Insulation System

Hammond transformers follow UL standards when it comes to utilizing insulation materials. As insulation ratings are classified by temperature ratings, Hammond’s low temperature rise design ensures that the transformer maintains continuous overload characteristics.


HPS offers both high and low voltage terminal lug connectors for aluminum/copper, eliminating the need to procure connectors, saving installation time and costs.


HPS’s new line of transformers meet the following standards:

  • U.S. DOE 10 CFR Part 431 and the Canadian Regulations SOR/94-651.
  • UL and CSA Certified
  • NEMA Premium standards

In addition to designing products in line with set standards, HPS transformers undergo heavy testing at its manufacturing locations so that no component malfunctions during operation. These tests include:

  • Polarity
  • Heat Run
  • Partial Discharge
  • Induced Voltage
  • Applied Power Frequency Voltage
  • BIL
  • Insulation Resistance
  • and so on

The National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) set of requirements as part of its Premium Efficiency Transformer Program have been implemented in three of Hammond’s Transformers namely:

1. HPS SuperSentinel:

As a linear load general purpose transformer, it is suitable for supplying appliance, heating, lighting and power loads. The transformer offers 30% lower losses than transformers that follow DOE ratings and are fully compliant with NEMA Premium guidelines.

2. HPS SuperSynergy:

These are non-linear load K-factor transformers, suitable for handling harmonics generated by devices such as drives, personal computers, electronic ballasts, telecom equipment, etc. These transformers have a more rugged design to avoid overheating and offer 30% lower losses.

3. HPS SuperCenturion:

The SuperCenturion range of transformers is superior to both K-factor and linear load transformers as they are designed to obliterate the negative effects of current harmonics created by single-phase loads. The dual-output, harmonic mitigating transformers have an extremely low output voltage distortion even when used with highly non-linear loads such as Broadcasting Studios, Telecom sites, etc. The transformer is able to treat odd harmonics up to the 19th one with its zero-sequence flux cancellation and phase shifting.

The following graph best explains the difference between NEMA standard transformers and conventional ones:

hps graph.png

It has been found that HPS SuperSentinel Transformer can cut down annual energy costs by $1,264 when put head to head against Non-DOE certified transformers. Even the HPS Sentinel, which his not NEMA Certified offers $885.57 in savings compared to Non-DOE certified transformers. These costs along with a 10 years warranty directly translate into increased energy efficiency when using Hammond Transformers that result in uninterrupted operation, greater appliance safety and long-term usability.hps transformer catalog.png

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