How Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Improves Industry

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Mar 15, 2017 10:54:35 AM

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Diagnosing problems and keeping up with maintenance in industry can be difficult and expensive when things go wrong. With the improvement of technology and improving the efficiency of industry, there have been new developments in ways to monitor large machines to try and help keep up with maintenance. Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic (RM&D) technology has greatly improved the ability to keep up with issues in industry machines and systems.  

Why Problems with Machines Are So Costly:

  • Issues in large pump and other machines can go unnoticed until there is a complete failure, which at that point can be very expensive.  
  • If the machine fails, it can compromise the system it is connected to and also cause time delays in production, which ultimately costs the company an immense amount of money.
How RM&D Can Improve Industry:
  • Machines and facilities can be monitored 24/7 from one central location through the use of remote technology.
    • This can improve how often machines are assessed, as opposed to having to visit every location of machinery to manually check them.
  • Smaller problems can be detected earlier, saving them from machine failures.
    • By noticing small issues such as pressure and temperature drops in something like a pump, maintenance personnel can assess a machine to find if there is a larger problem or to prevent a larger issue from happening. This saves on time of shutting down machines and losing money from loss of production.
  • RM&D improves quality of maintenance checks.
    • When machines are checked manually on site, everything has to be checked all at once and the check up only reflects the machines quality on that given day. RM&Ds improve how often machines are being monitored to see problems in between manually checkups.

Some examples of how production has improved using Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics is in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas companies use large pumps in disparate locations, so by using a remote system, these pumps can be checked on from one central location.

Through the use of this technology companies have been able to detect a drop in pressure using the software, which the company responded to. This ultimately protected the pump from what would have caused damage to the seals and by noticing a pattern in the pumps, the company was able to realize the seal fluid needed replaced. This small change in pressure was an early indicator of a problem that would have shut down the plant temporarily, but using remote technology, the problem was fixed before it happened.

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