Hokuyo Safety Scanners UAM-05LP

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The World's Smallest Safety Scanner

Safety scanners have become a necessity due to their expertise in collision prevention, area detection and access configuration. Even though they are part of a compulsory apparatus, space-awareness is highly desired as they are usually img-big-uam-05lp.pnginstalled in places that are already occupied by machinery. Keeping such factors under consideration, Hokuyo has designed their very own World’s Smallest Safety Laser Scanner, the UAM-05LP.

UAM emits pulses of laser that is reflected within the setup protection zone. The reflection is captured and pulses quantized to measure the distance.

The following are a few major features of the scanner:

  • Maximum protection range of 5 meters.
  • Maximum warning range of 20 meters.
  • Detection angle of 270 degrees.
  • Minimum response time of 60ms.
  • 32 set areas and 2 modes of operation.

These (along with many more features) are the major reasons why the UAM-05LP is a must-have detection equipment.

Starting off with the design, UAM sports an extremely compact design and is highly user-friendly. The entire product is encapsulated within 95 x 80 x 80 mm of space and weighs only ½ kg, making it ideal for installation of AGVs as well as for vertical applications. The claims of its space-savviness aren’t hollow as the product conforms with several international standards like IEC61496, ISO138489, UL508 and so on.

Safety scanners are used to offer services such as collision prevention, presence detection and intrusion prevention. The UAM’s core features are extremely reliable and resilient in all conditions. Holding 32 safe area patterns, the safety scanner can provide a high resolution for collision prevention. In addition, the sophisticated sensors can detect access within critical points, triggering signals to alert breach in security or human detection in hazardous places.

Compared to other safety scanners, the UAM enhances the safety factor as it offers a clear protection zone of 5 meters and a warning zone of 20 meters, enough to trigger the most sluggish of manual controls.

The scanner collects distance data, intensity data, IO status, etc. and sends it all via ethernet protocols through a proper cyclic redundancy check, making sure no single packet is lost, reducing the accuracy of the response.

When it comes to the interface, the safety scanner has an easy to use GUI that reflects even the most sophisticated feature in the simplest manner. Complicated zones can be set up while viewing real-time measurement data. A dual protection mode allows the user to setup two separate zones that can be guarded simultaneously.

Finally, in order to instill reusability and minimalist approach, configuration data for the machine can be stored onto an SD card which can then be reused on multiple occasions. This truly helps save space that would otherwise be utilized by computer systems, network apparatus and physical enclosures, making the UAM-05LP an all-round scanner.

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