FLIR E4 Infared Camera: Your Powerful Third Eye

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Apr 7, 2017 12:35:51 PM

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All objects have a temperature and can be differentiated against a cooler or hotter background. For engineers, a quality thermal camera can significantly make day-to-day tasks easier. The camera essentially becomes a "third eye", seeing where the natural eyes cannot. The FLIR E4 infrared camera is an example of this useful device.

Where can you use it?

It has a variety of applications in various fields of engineering, especially electrical, building, and HVAC works.

  • Electrical- It can be used for identifying hot spots on breakers, fuses, and connections, allowing quicker repair action on actual faults. Similarly, it can point to impending faults permitting timely corrective action.
  • Buildings- The “third eye” is in real action here. You can what is invisible and feels thin out of reach. You can locate structural issues, hidden ducts and piping, energy leakage, moisture, and even nesting pests. Particularly in third world countries, where building drawings are often not accessible, locating and tracing a ceiling ducting or drain route should become much easier.
  • HVAC- HVAC is mostly about thermal management. And that is where the thermal camera FLIR E4 can really help. You can track hidden ducts of the cooling/heating systems, and detect breaks in insulation. Mechanical wear of machines, and any refrigeration issues will stand out easily.

Picture Sharing and Storage

USB connection permits download and sharing via any other means. The picture can be shared with the customers or your superiors, for example, for discussion and recorded for later use.


Such a versatile device must be portable. The FLIR E4 is portable with a rechargeable battery, charger, USB cable, and a hand carrying case.

The Image

A focus free lens scans a field of 45° × 34° at 9 frames per second. The sensor, an uncooled microbolometer, can detect to 0.15˚ C.

The Display

A 3.0 in. color screen 320 × 240 pixels is fed by a focus-free lens. The IR resolution is 80 x 60 pixel. Simple on-screen buttons help navigate to settings, imaging modes, built-in measurement tools, and saved JPEG images.  The resolution is similar to that possessed by the C-3 series.

The MSX Feature

An onboard visual camera adds the visual background (320 x 240 pixel) to the IR picture (80 x 60 pixel). You can choose the IR, MSX, or MSX thumbnail display modes. This permits exact identification the hot spot by comparing the IT spots with the visual picture.


The device is expected to be operated in very hot and very cold environment and in areas of dangerous voltages.  The operation is controlled via a single button which can be operated while wearing protection gloves.

Quick Reports

Built-in FLIR Tools software allows image analysis and generation of effective reports.


The manufacturer offers 2 year warranty on the camera, 5 years on the batteries, and 10 years on the detector.



The FLIR E4 is a useful tool for engineers working on site, in the electrical, HVAC, building or general engineering areas, providing engineers insight that they cannot achieve with their eyes alone.

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