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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Apr 2, 2018 1:03:45 PM

talk2m (4)Manufacturing companies are locked in an all-out war of productivity, with factors such as government regulations, stringent labor costs and increasing energy prices serving as pressure builders. In such hostile environments, competition can only be given a befitting reply if innovations in the field of technology are adapted.

Machine to machine communication gives organizations exciting new avenues to approach their problems and provides solutions that instill efficiency, productivity and security within the automation infrastructure. Furthermore, it provides a perfect way for companies to make the shift from conventional technologies and get on the Industrial IoT bandwagon.

To help you achieve these objectives, eWON has designed and developed Talk2M, a secure & scalable cloud platform that provides seamless connectivity between industrial machines and remote sites. Talk2M eliminates the need for designing, validating and then implementing large scale remote access infrastructure spread across multiple technologies.

Talk2M aims to provide the following through its cloud-based industrial connectivity:

  • Remote maintenance
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Remote access to machine and sites
  • Remote data collection

By implementing this cloud-based connectivity solution within your plant floor, you can improve productivity and bring down running costs.

Easy Deployment

The entire process of setting up sites for M2M or VPN connections is known as being painful, with the main challenge being the ability to deploy several remote devices within a short span of time. Talk2M and eWon routers take care of all such problems are get your sites connected within a matter of minutes.

Alarm Management

eWON understands the importance of alarm management and its follow up for a business, and therefore provides a high degree of support for this process. It supports a wide variety of industrial protocols and therefore possess the ability to fetch alarms from each RTU. Alarm threshold and line parameters can be set up and notified over SNMP, email or SMS, marking the first step in the design of a proactive model.

Remote Access

eWON’s M2Web allows HMIs to be accessed remotely via mobiles, laptops and tablets, all in a safe & secure manner.


The remote access client of Talk2M is known as eCatcher. After carrying out an initial credentials check, users can access their devices through a single click. The application lets users manage a large number of remote eWON devices, and packs an interface that can be highly tailored to suit the administrative rights of a particular user group.

Powerful Access Control

As security still remains a major controversy in the world of remote connectivity, eWON implements its very own Talk2M Pro Service to ensure users their devices are completely protected. Talk2M Pro administrators can grant restrictive access rights to users, allowing companies to keep their employees from abusing their powers. In addition, detailed reports can be generated for each device with information such as data/time, connection time, user, etc. giving administrators a tight control over their sites.

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