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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jan 15, 2018 8:57:19 AM

ecatch.pngeCatcher is Talk2M’s way of allowing you to manage your Talk2M account, and connect to your assets within a highly secure & agile environment. Talk2M is a much-needed internet service that has been designed to provide wireless access to remote sites for maintenance of distant equipment. Talk2M communicates within a highly secure & sophisticated VPN tunnel, ensuring sensitive user equipment is always available & safe.

eCatcher serves as Talk2M’s client, connecting the user to the access server, and carry out a variety of tasks such as creation of Talk2M accounts, registering of eWon devices, and perform administrative duties over your infrastructure.


Due to popular demand, eWON has extended support for its eCatcher software, and now introduced a Mobile App as well. Available for both Android & iOS, the app follows a simple process for accessing your HMI/infrastructure:

  • Logging into the Talk2M account
  • Selection of machine
  • Establishing a secure VPN connection, protected by a firewall.
  • Providing monitoring & control of the desired machine to the user.

The use of mobile app increases the level of mobility you can achieve, while ensuring your machinery operates at optimum levels. The eCatcher app is protected by two-factor authentication, and is reiterated by eWON’s layered security approach, so that at no instance do you face loss of production due to lax network security.


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