eWON Cosy: Industry Leader in Remote Access

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Sep 6, 2017 11:01:43 AM

ewon cos (2).pngFor the past two years eWON has been rated as #1 by Control Design Readers in the Machine Remote Access Category, and now for the third time in a row, eWON has been recognized as the industry leader once again.

eWON products are already in use in over 156 countries, and connect users to their machines more than 9 million times. Millions of MBs worth of data has been transferred and hours’ worth of hassles have been reduced to minutes, thanks to the eWON Cosy Wireless routers and their remote capabilities.


IoT and Industry 4.0 are two concepts that are linked by interconnected devices. The future of industrial automation is heavily relying on data collected from a variety of devices, irrespective of their location. Such collection and analysis would only be possible if the hardware holds such capabilities and functionalities.

The eWON Cosy is an industrial VPN router that has been solely designed to offer remote access to your devices over the internet, making the location completely irrelevant. The eWON Cosy allows system integrators to configure, install and troubleshoot their machines remotely in a secure manner, drastically bringing down costs and tuning up productivity.

Here’s how it works: eWON Cosy hardware makes use of its very own Talk2M cloud Server as a gateway for all data. A secure outbound connection sends data to the server, which is then accessible by clients worldwide.

There are two ways to access this data:

  1. ECatcher Talk2M VPN client, suitable for system integrators.
  2. M2Web Portal, suitable for viewing SCADA systems on your phone/tablet.

50191-7931484.jpgEither way the entire process is extremely secure and backed up by fully secure SSL-based VPN tunnel. The information exchanged is encrypted at all times, and only accessible if authenticated by eWON. Double factor authentication is used by Talk2M while the customer always retains control through external key switches.

eWON Cosy devices make use of ethernet, wireless and GSM based technology to offer remote-connectivity solutions. At the same time, they take into account the wide array of protocols used by the industry.

These are the reasons as to why eWON has retained its top spot in the world of remote access; reliability, security and availability.

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