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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 22, 2017 8:22:53 AM

dialight (5).pngLED Area Lights are one of the simplest yet most vital part of any industry. In addition to being full of beneficial features, LED lights should be reliable and be able to withstand the ever-changing conditions in a factory.

Dialight LED Area Lights have been built to meet stringent industrial conditions and provide all around performance, at all times.


The lights have high-efficiency and low-maintenance costs throughout their lifetime.


Installation is extremely simple and come with retro-fit kits.


The lighting solutions can be integrated into factory automation networks as well as building management systems to enhance efficiency.


The solutions have been designed to perform at every single minute of the day, and are backed by the trust of leading organizations around the world.

One of the most efficient and versatile LED Area Lighting System in the market, Dialight’s LED Area Light has been designed with an exclusive power-supply in order to ensure long-term survivability. The portfolio includes the following products:

Vigilant Area Light

As all-purpose lighting, the lights combine precision optics with high-efficiency output, delivering a 50% reduction in energy costs. The build quality is supreme, and able to withstand toughest environmental standards with the following features:

  • Compatible with a wide-range of mounting brackets
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Effective replacement for conventional HIDs
  • 10 years warranty

SafeSite Area Light

The SafeSite Area Light is able to withstand the harshest of conditions and eliminate the need for frequent maintenance. Covered under Dialight’s 5 and 10-year warranties, the LED lights are certified for hazardous areas such as mining, chemical, oil and gas, etc.

  • Fully potted and factory sealed
  • T5 ambient temperature rating
  • Fit for volatile environments
  • Hazardous certifications including UL844, CII, CIII, CID1, CID2

Specialty Voltage Lighting

These models are offered for both SafeSite and DuroSite lights with the same performance, optics, reliability and efficiency, with greater flexibility. The models eliminate the need for re-wiring and can be installed without any hassle.

  • Compatible with 24-48VDC
  • Compatible with 347-480VAC
  • DC Models well-suited for solar, wind and battery applications
  • Shock resistant and IP66/67 rated
  • 5-year warranty

In addition, Dialight also offers a range of universal mounting adapters that simplify installation and offer increased durability in the face of tough industrial conditions.

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