Dialight Becomes First Industrial LED Lighting Supplier to Reach 1 Million Fixtures

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Oct 17, 2017 12:53:35 PM

dialight (1)-1.pngDialight has been a pioneer in the world of industrial LED lighting, always setting benchmarks in terms of design and execution for competitors to follow. Being the global leader in instilling sustainability, safety and operation efficiency through long-lasting LED technology. Dialight’s technology is exceptional at bringing down energy costs and reducing the environmental impact for its customers.

Here’s a glance at the benefits Dialight can bring to the table:

  • 10+ years of maintenance free lighting
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Over 50% reduced energy consumption
  • Improved safety and color quality
  • Improved temperature rating

In December 2016, Dialight reached a major milestone in its existence, one that proved its dominance in the market, and commitment to the highest of standards. The global LED lighting powerhouse stated that it had made over 1 million installations of its industrial lights worldwide, making it the first manufacturer to having achieved this.

Quantifying these 1 million installations in terms of carbon emissions reduced, it can be found that over Dialight has practically made a difference. Over 1, 137, 326 million tons of carbon emissions have been neutralized equivalent to driving 250,000 cars for an entire year. This frees up enough electricity to run 100,000 homes! In essence, this is a true contribution to the environment and a service to the energy industry.

These impressive set of features and functions have earned Dialight several first-to-market milestones such as setting efficiency with its 140 lumens per watt Vigilant High Bay lights, as well as rolling out the first 60,000 lumen output High Bay lighting system. Dialight offers three major type of lighting solutions:

  • Vigilant, suitable for high-efficiency industrial applications
  • SafeSite, suitable for hazardous applications
  • DuroSite, suitable for industrial usage

Being a futuristic company, Dialight has taken major steps towards networked lighting and controls in order to keep up with the Industrial IoT platforms. Furthermore, Dialight has also launched a range of Smart Grid compatible productions that include features such as wireless occupancy, daylight harvesting sensors, etc. These along with Dialight’s Architecture for Controls System, ensure maximum energy efficiency and prove Dialight’s commitment towards a networked & smart future.

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