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Custom Lights Enable Distant Communication in a Busy Manufacturing Site

ind.pngNetworks of conveyer belts & loading/unloading machinery undoubtedly project an image of harmony & fluidity within a manufacturing site, but it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong. Even a slight build-up or brief pause in any machinery can kick-start a domino effect that can lead to disruptions in the entire production. 

Human interventions are almost always required to straighten things up from time to time and effectively respond to maintenance needs. Line managers can come up with innovative techniques to keep tabs on their processes, however, such techniques tend to have a communication gap, depending on the spaciousness of the plant. Having indication solutions such as Custom Lights can empower the entire plant by allowing floor managers to respond swiftly & accurately to their machines’ needs, without disrupting resources in the wrong direction.


Banner Engineering’s EZ-Light K50 Series can provide a perfect solution for such unavoidable problems.



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