Benefits of the Weidmuller U-Remote IP67

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Apr 5, 2017 11:29:49 AM

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Interoperability in the field is a make or break feature for any automation equipment. Whether you’re using an I/O link or transmitting high levels of power in a decentralized system, making sure it retains its instantaneous speed is extremely vital for precise operation. With Weidmuller’s U-Remote IP67, you’re always prepared for various growing requirements, thanks to the slim yet high density, multi-protocol system.

The manufacturing processes aren’t the only part of an automation industry architecture that is complex. Companies are often challenged to meet worldwide deliveries on time. The U-Remote IP67’s coded connections and simplicity in terms of selecting a power supply, combined with modular build ensures you meet all your growth targets on time, and never limit your capabilities.

High Performance combined with Flexibility

U-Remote IP67 can be thought of as a field successor to the IP20, inheriting all the field benefits and building on top of a solid base. The IP67 offers an increased level of protection and is well-suited for operation outside the panel-box.

Particularly in terms of connection options and powers supply units, it displays a high degree of flexibility. The multiprotocol support is something the IP67 inherits from the IP20, increasing effectiveness, reducing costs and maximizing earnings.

With the IP67, you no longer need a separate module for supporting PROFINET & Ethernet/IP enabled devices. All you need to do is select the fieldbus with the studded rotary switch and you’ll be good to go. Both of the fieldbus systems may be used with an L-coded M12 connector or 7/8” connections.

You can also greatly improve the capabilities of your sensors and actuators by using an I/O-Link, through which you can parameterize the entire process. 4x type A, and 4x type B ports each on a single module on U-remote can help you achieve this. The level of flexibility is taken one step further, as each port can be used as an input or an output, all at your discretion.

Scalability is something IP67 has mastered. If you wish to increase your system’s feed-in, you’ll be delighted to know that the IP67 allows you to go all the way up to 16 Amps. Through this, you can connect even more consumers in a line and reduce the time needed for wiring.

Always Online

At the base of it all, operations are all mechanical in nature. No doubt decentralizing helps increase a system’s performance, but at the same time it puts a lot of stress on an I/O system’s mechanical properties. A system should not only offer higher performance, but it should be robust as well, capable of long-term use.

The IP67 sports a cutting-edge design and meets up the harshest of robustness requirements put in front of it. The entire device comes sealed within a zinc die-cast, and is thus extremely reliable in the most rugged of environments.

The U-Remote can handle a wide range of temperatures, i.e. from -20 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius, without showing any stumble in performance. On top of that, it is totally dust & waterproof, making it an all-round package for industrial environments.

Lastly, the slimness of this device; the U-remote measures 30x60mm, so it’s quite obvious that it can be installed in the most unobvious of places! This allows you to exploit the remote capability of the wonderful device to the fullest, and that too, 20% lighter than the competition!

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