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In all factory automation industries, the aim is to minimize the interval between planning & output. This aim has to be met at a time when modularization is advancing at an increasing rate, and systems are becoming more decentralized with every upgrade. Weidmuller has realized these needs early on and combined them into an effective IP-20 remote I/O system.

U-Remote offers the perfect platform for such activity, through powerful & easy to use signal connection components, allowing you & your plant to reap the benefits of machine commissioning, installation work and plant maintenance over the years.

So, what are the benefits that the U-Remote instills within an automation plant?

Simplicity & Flexibility

The innovative U-Remote IP 20 is the slimmest module design on the market, with an ultra-high channel density allowing you to simplify the planning process as well as plan ahead for the future. Once installed, you’ll be able to implement your customers’ varying requirements in a much more simpler manner. In all its essence, U-Remote brings a complete automation overhaul to your systems, normalizing the system design while making the automation design more flexible, thus making it more powerful.

The U-Remote understands the need for flexibility and interoperability within industrial environments, and supports a number of communication protocols:

  • ProfiNET
  • ProfiBUS
  • EtherCAT
  • EtherNET/IP
  • ModbusTCP
  • DeviceNET
  • CANopen

The U-Remote offers 32 connections per module, an astounding value for such a thin module. Connecting 8x 4-conductor sensors in such a place isn’t the easiest of things, yet Weidmuller makes it possible keeping in check with the shrinking space in several industries.

Parameterization is the U-Remote’s answer to simpler planning. As the industries’ requirements are always altering, there is need for diverse hardware. The U-Remote tackles this problem through parameterization, allowing it to handle all kinds of I/S, so you won’t need to upgrade to different modules from time to time.

The U-Remote has a separate I/O power supply unit offering 10 Amps of current via two channels. This significantly reduces the spacing requirements of the complete system as there is no longer a need for power-feed modules to be attached separately with the unit.

All these features are packed within just 11.5 mm of thickness, with added ports for future expansion. The compact design is a feature in itself, and reserves recognition as this allows several industries to efficiently utilize the already small space they have onboard.

Error Free

The U-Remote sports an impressive high-speed backplane bus, with a cycle time of 20 micro-seconds meeting the requirements set forth by even the most time sensitive of equipment. The 4 Digital Input stamp modules studded within the device allow timely recording of binary signals for further analysis.

All this allows you to handle your projects in a speedier manner, both in terms of installation and startup time.

As stated previously, the modular design gives the system a shorter start-up time. The smarter handling and unprecedented plug-in support provided by the I/O hub greatly reduces human errors such as cabling issues when work is fast-paced.

The ability to connect sensors with pre-assembled cables will certainly increase productivity and save time & resources, making it an ideal unit for decentralized systems and meagre installation spaces.  

Wiedmuller’s “push-in” technology cuts any time that is lost with making sure cables are inserted in a proper manner. All one has to do is insert the conductor’s tip into the unit, while the U-Remote’s clamps take care of the rest. On top of this, the device’s color coding makes it clear & concise at times of upgrades and modifications to system functions.

All-Round Performance

Maximum machine availability is the number one criteria customers use to rate an automation industry. U-Remote guarantees complete system optimization in comparison to other I/O concepts on the market. Your machines will not miss a production deadline due to errors or downtimes.

Swapping connections has never been easier. The U-Remote has no requirement to be turned off in order to swap connections with another I/O terminal. This ultimately translates into minimal downtimes as communication occurs 24/7 without compromising the performance of other machines connected on the network.

Even if errors are unavoidable and do shoot-up within a system, the ability to carry out diagnostics with a cutting-edge web server effectively kill any errors that may spark a long-term outage in the future. Not just that, the IP-20 has localized LEDs on each connection allowing rapid system maintenance as soon as an instability occurs.  

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