Benefits of the Smaller Design of the GH180

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Mar 14, 2017 8:20:43 AM

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Space is always at a premium.

Whether it be at home or at a very large industrial complex, space is always at a premium. We start out with a layout which has plenty of space for expansion but soon, and invariably, we start running out of space. There often is a need to replace a faulty piece of equipment, and commonly the new equipment will not fit into the available space.

 Why can we not design equipment in small sizes? Engineers certainly try to, but every machine or drive equipment needs cooling proportional to the power it consumes or generates. Additonally, cooling efficiency depends largely on the physical size and layoutunless you ensure forced cooling with water or air. Water cooling, because of the high specific heat of water, is much more effective in carrying away large amounts of heat. That is a special characteristic of the Siemens GH180, water-cooled, cell based power drive. Water cooling permits GH180 to pack a much greater punch in a much tighter space. The new GH180 is nearly 20% smaller than the previous designs.

The smaller size of GH180 gives it a number of advantages over other devices with similar ratings and larger sizes.

  • Reduced floor space- The obvious, but not the only advantage, is the reduction in floor space required in new designs.
  • Can be integrated into existing set-up- The GH180 can be integrated into limited spaces available in an old production unit.
  • Reduced air conditioning- The smaller space volume means reduced cost of overall air-conditioning.
  • Better adapted for retrofit- Because of its smaller size, the GH180 is better suited either for original design or for a retrofit.
  • Smaller size means less weight- A compact size will mean a lesser weight. Lesser weight has specific advantages in many situations.
    • Transportation cost- Cost of transportation is reduced whether by land, sea or air. Although freight charges are incurred only once in a normal life cycle, they can still be non-negligible.
    • Ease of transportation- Reduced size makes it easier to convey, even by air lift. Thus shipping even to remote locations becomes feasible.
    • Installation handling- A lighter machinery can be handled with less powerful lifting and carrying machinery.
    • Platform limitations- A lighter equipment will demand less stabilization and strengthening of the platform. This can be of special significance when operating on a floating platform.

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