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Barcode Readers from Banner Engineering

As simple and nifty as they are, barcode readers play an essential and integral part within industrial automation. These electronic devices are heavily used for processes such as inventory management, and new advancements have given them capabilities such as ethernet communication, instilling in them, reiterated support for automation.

Banner Engineering offers a variety of sensors and scanners for industrial purposes. Their advanced barcode readers are fit for use within industrial environments and capable of meeting heavy workloads.

TCNM Series Laser Barcode Scanner

Banner TCNM SeriesThe TCNM Series Laser Barcode Reader is a rugged device that can handle 500–1000 scans per second, decoding more than a dozen linear barcode symbols. Housed within an IP65 certified casing, the setup and diagnostic operations are extremely easy with Smart-Teach push-buttons and LED indicators. If required, the reader can also communicate via an intra-sensor protocol, eliminating the need for any external multiplexer.

iVu BCR Series Barcode Reader

Banner iVu BCR SeriesThe iVu BCR series barcode scanner is a state-of-the-art development from Banner Engineering, packing all types of features necessary to bring your plant floor at the line with the latest automation requirements. Firstly, the scanner reads a variety of barcode types including DataMatrix, Linear, and Code 39. The scanner comes housed in a rugged IP67 casing and is supplemented by a series of LEDs for proper operation indication. It also supports ethernet and RS232 communications, and no external computer is required to set up or run the scanner.

PresencePLUS P4 Series

Banner PresencePLUS P4 SeriesThe PresencePLUS P4 series barcode scanner is able to decode both one and two-dimensional codes, including Code 39, Code 128, and EAN-8. Featuring a self-contained P4 casing, the barcode reader also includes the TEACH program available in many Banner Engineering scanners. The scanner comes with a supplementary color match tool for color inspection if the need arises. The I/Os are configurable with standardized communications that are in all PresencePLUS sensors.

Banner Engineering has the perfect barcode reading product for your needs no matter what the application is.

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