Banner Q4X Photoelectric Sensors – What Benefits does it Bring to the Plant floor?

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Oct 18, 2018 10:57:17 AM

ACD Template (2)Banner has an impressive portfolio of photoelectric sensors, offering over 12000 different types of sensors, that are in use in almost all Fortune 500 companies in endless applications.

Photoelectric sensors are some of the most basic sensors available, with their operation revolving around the detection of reflection of a beam of light. Any interruption in the beam of light means the presence of an external object, which can be used to elicit a specific action, correction or preventive. In addition, this can be taken a step further and be used to study different light patterns and execute more targeted actions. Some common types of photoelectric sensors include self-contained, long-range, reflector, heavy-duty or company. The sensors are used in almost every field of manufacturing from material handling to food and beverage to medical and many others.

The Q4X Series of Photoelectric Sensors is an all-purpose, rugged product that use lasers to detect the presence or absence of an object to sub-millimeter levels. The sensor works with several challenging targets, e.g. uneven, metallic, dark colored, round and clear. Its features include:

  • Class 1 laser with a small, highly visible laser spot for easy alignment and minute object detection
  • Lens coved made from PMMA acrylic
  • Compact housing allowing installation in tight spaces
  • IP67, IP68 and IP69K compliant models
  • Remote input allowing laser enablement and advanced measurement to be done with greater flexibility
  • Bright LED output indicator for on-spot, real-time feedback, along with analog output over a range of voltage and current.


Dimensions Detection

The presence of candy bars or a similar product on a conveyor belt needs to be monitored to allow timely indication of a faulty unit. Moreover, their shapes and sizes must also be checked to bring consistency in the production process. A Q4X sensor can be installed at the face of the conveyor and detect sub-millimeter changes in height. A sensor-pair can be installed perpendicular to the conveyor at a specific point and detect the thickness of the bar. Through this combination, the line manager can be alerted in case of a faulty candy bar.

Fill Level Detection

The measurement of fill level of pills in a bottle is necessary to ensure the right quantities within a bottle. Difficulty has been faced due to the shape, edges and gaps between the pills. The use of a Q4X analog sensor in trigger mode can be used to measure the height of the contents of a bottle while it passes, averaging the measurements and determining whether the quantity is right or not.

Clear Object Detection

Variations in a bottle’s shape, size, color and material can make it prone to dissatisfaction from the customer. It has been challenging to identify the defected unit due to the bottles’ transparency. The Q4X presents an accurate solution to this problem. When used in dual mode, it can be taught to recognize a stable background condition; it will then detect any alteration in the light intensity from the background condition making it immune to challenges such as transparency and color shifts.  

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