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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on May 3, 2018 10:34:00 AM

temp & vibTemperature and Vibration Sensors are physically minor yet highly impactful components of any plant. The data they provide can be used not only for automation of equipment but to increase efficiency of processes.

Banner Engineering has years' worth of experience and expertise in the design, development, and production of Temperature and Vibration Sensors. Three of their newer temperature sensors bring precision, adaptability, and durability to the long line of Banner Engineering products.

M18T Series Non-Contact Temperature Sensor

M18T Series Banner Sensor

The Banner M18T is a compact temperature sensor and is capable of detecting temperature changes as small as 3 degrees Celsius. Its rugged build makes it perfect for stressful applications such as roller monitoring, hot glue detection, gearbox monitoring, etc. The sensor monitors values using analog or discrete outputs, and has a range of 0 – 300 degrees. As of now, the M18T is available in three different models, with varying target size and distance. 

M12F Series Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor

M12F Series Banner SensorThe Banner M12F is a SureCross Temperature and Humidity Sensor, and is designed to operate in dynamic environments, whilst providing accurate readings. Manufactured within robust metal housing, the sensor works as a Modbus slave device and can be connected through RS-485, SureCross 1-wire serial or MultiHop Radio interface.

QM42VT Wireless Vibration & Temperature Sensor

QM42VT Series Banner SensorThis is a highly comprehensive and feature-full sensor, and can measure RMS velocity up to a high degree of accuracy, in inches per second, in addition to changes in the object temperature. 1-wire serial interface is used for connections, while the sensor has to be mounted using standard brackets, as close as possible to the bearings. This effectively allows users to monitor the target machine’s health by transmitting temperature and vibration data. The sensor is greatly rugged and is housed with a zinc-alloy, allowing it to withstand harsh industrial conditions.

These three sensors continue Banner Engineering’s line of high-quality tools and demonstrate the experience in development of their Temperature and Vibration Sensors.

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