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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jun 8, 2018 11:05:01 AM

Slot sensors and part sensing arrays are highly resourceful and utilizable devices that can help industries keep up with their goals of automation. These optical slot sensors are characterized by their forked shape, and detect objects that pass between their two arms, with one being the emitter and the other the receiver. Part sensing arrays are characterized by two parts that work similar to a slot sensor without the fork-like shape.

Banner Engineering offers a durable and reliable range of slot sensors that can meet a dynamic range of requirements, while holding up in industrial environments.

SLM Series Rugged Metal Slot Sensor

Banner SLM SeriesThe SLM Series Slot Sensor detects objects that pass between its two arms, sensing materials as small as 0.30mm. Available in eight slot widths, the sensor’s sensitivity is easily adjustable through a single-turn potentiometer, and a visible red beam. The light/dark modes, along with the rugged IP67 metal build, make this a perfect application for an unforgiving assembly line.

PVA Series Compact Part Verification Array

Banner PVA SeriesThe PVA Series Verification Array has a range of up to 2 meters, and is enclosed within a compact package, providing accurate readings regarding the flow of objects. The array features a clearly visible green job indicator on either side of the emitter and receiver, allowing user action to be initiated and synchronized with the light signal.

PVL Series Part Verification Array

Banner PVL SeriesPVL Series Verification Arrays can be used as a cost-effective solution for detection and analysis of moving parts. The array features easy installation with absolutely no assembly, and the alignment itself is indicated by bright red emitter beams. The sensor can be mounted directly to slotted ranking systems, and provide space for installation cables to enter/exit.

LX Series Small and Flat Object Detection

Banner LX SeriesThe LX Series sensor array generates a set of infrared beams at any particular instance for reliable detection of small objects. The array is capable of responding to extremely flat objects, and issue a response within 0.8-3.2 seconds. This makes it ideal for die-protection, parcel handling, and small-parts detection.

SL10 & SL30 Series Slot Sensors

Banner SL10 + SL30 SeriesThe SL10 and SL 30 Series opposed-mode sensor pairs are offered in rugged U-shaped housing, and available in two models, featuring either a 10mm sensing slot or a 30mm sensing slot. The sensors come with molded-in beam, allowing simplified installation and alignment, and they offer either 4-turn manual sensitivity adjustment or push-button programming depending on the model. The increased reliability and intelligence of the sensors make them ideal for applications such as those that involve detecting registration marks, counting and gear teeth edge guiding.

Whatever the application for slot sensors or part sensing arrays, Banner Engineering has the perfect product for your needs.

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