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accessories (1).pngIn addition to offering a vast array of connectivity & sensory products, Banner Engineering supports its solutions through a number of accessories, i.e. cables, reflectors, etc. These add versatility to the end-solution, and ensure long-term reliability.


Antennas are used wherever wireless capabilities need to be enhanced. They can transmit radio signals by converting radio frequency currents into electromagnetic waves, and vice versa.

Banner offers both Wireless Antennas as well as Antenna cables that can be used to connect wireless radios to antennas. The antennas designed & manufactured by Banner are approved by the FCC, and are available in omni-directional and yagi designs, and low, medium & high-gain models to make sure your need is met accurately.


Even though industrial environments are prone to errors, limiting them through safe practices can greatly boost the productivity of the plan. These practices can be implemented through these products:

  • Single/Double-ended Cordsets, for providing easy hookup of AC, DC and AC/DC powered devices.
  • Splitters, for enhancing the versatility of cables so that they can power multiple devices without requiring additional accessories.
  • Field Wireable Connectors, which can make installation easier by allowing the on-site engineer to make custom length cables.

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Enclosures are necessary for ensuring safety of devices from harmful elements in the environment.

  • General EnclosuresThese are made out of fiberglass, polycarbonate and stainless-steel housing and can protect products from harmful environments.
  • Sensing Array EnclosuresThese enclosures are available in rectangular and tubular housings, keep the internal components free from condensation, snow or ice. A variety of sizes are available depending on the requirements.
  • Vision EnclosuresThese enclosures protect sensors, ring lights and similar components from dust & harmful particles that can obstruct their path of working. The enclosures are available in IP66 and IP67 certified models.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic systems are known for their lightning-fast data transfer speeds, and ease-of-use in high vibration, noisy & wet environments. Glass fibers are used in extremely harsh environments where data reliability is a key factor whereas Plastic fibers are used for more general-purpose applications where the cable is prone to cuts & bends. In addition to providing these fibers, Banner also offers accessories such as:

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