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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Dec 7, 2017 2:14:44 PM

water (1).pngWorking with the water & wastewater industry in the fields of monitoring & control can be a challenge. Assets can be located at remote areas and be at risk from humidity, chemicals and other elements. Even though the accumulation & processing of all such data is difficult, making sure all communications remain online is extremely vital for continual operations.

Banner Engineering offers wireless solutions for remote monitoring & management in a cost-effective package to ensure secure & robust communication at all times. Wireless sensor networks eliminate the need for long cable networks, allowing staff to monitor all types of parameters in a location-independent manner.

Wireless Sensor Networks from Banner Engineering include:

Wireless I/O & Data Radios

These allow you to replace discrete, analog, serial & ethernet signal wires, requiring no setup software. Wireless I/O systems allow you to create expandable point to multi-point wireless networks, distributed over a large geographical area.

Wireless Controllers

Industrial wireless controllers from Banner Engineering are perfectly in line with Industrial IoT applications and fulfill all user requirements when it comes to integrating multiple I/O devices into the system. The DXM Series Industrial Wireless Controller supports radio, cellular and ethernet connectivity, providing a robust platform for implementing IoT-based technologies.

Wireless Sensors

Remote monitoring is vital for the water treatment industry due to the geographical challenges involved. Wireless sensors, lighting and indicators allow remote monitoring of parameters, which greatly reduced downtime, shoots-up productivity and provides an accurate data-stream.

Various types of wireless sensors offered by Banner Engineering include:

  1. Q45 Sure Cross Photoelectric Wireless Sensors
  2. QM42 Vibration & Temperature Sensors
  3. Sure Cross Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  4. K450U Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors
  5. GPS Receiver

These sensors can be seamlessly integrated into different type of wireless lighting solutions provided by Banner Engineering. This ensures that the accumulation & processing of data doesn’t go wasted and receives timely attention.

  1. TL70 Tower Wireless Tower Lights
  2. TL70 Tower Light Segments
  3. K70 Series Wireless Domed Indicators

All these lights have been developed for one purpose: to warn the appropriate person and illicit a response if necessary. Doing so fills any voids that would otherwise lead to a disastrous situation.

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Water Tower Level Monitoring & Control

Water towers are frequently constructed to create water pressure in small communities & neighborhoods during peak hours. Maintaining the required water level is necessary and in order to so constant monitoring & control is vital.

A submersible pressure sensor along with a couple of float switches connected to a FlexPower Node can be used to make sure that the water level information is transmitted at times. A Wireless Gateway can be used for wireless data transmission, mounted near the pump.

As soon as the water levels fall, the Wireless Gateway can be used to generate a signal that would turn on the water pumps, filling the tank until the prescribed level is reached.

In case the topologies or arrangement of pumps becomes complex, Data Radios can be used to transmit data over obstructions without any loss of data or rise in latency.

Whatever the application, Banner Engineering has a sensor to solve it, and Advanced Controls & Distribution has the expertise to help you choose the best solution for your application.

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