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arrays.pngThe increased automation of the workplace has posed a number of risks & hazards for the nearby workforce. New methods are being introduced for safeguarding personnel around hazardous machines, one of which is the use of Safety Light Curtains. These safety devices provide flexibility, freedom and reduced operator fatigue compared to conventionally used guarding methods such as sliding gates and mechanical barriers.

Safety Light Curtains are based on photoelectric technology, whereas multiple transmitters are used to create an array of parallel & synchronized light beams to a receiver unit. Whenever the array is interrupted by an opaque object, the control logic of the light curtain stops the guarded machine.

Banner Engineering offer rugged & superior Measuring Arrays that can help you with safeguarding your workplace.

EZ-Array Series Measuring Light Curtain

The EZ-Array Series of Light Curtains are highly reliable in operation, and feature closely spaced infrared beams for detection of objects as small as 5mm wide, with a resolution of 2.5mm. The measuring array finds use in applications such as edge & center-guiding, hole sizing, loop tension control and parts-counting. The basic setup requires no controller or PC; however if required, advanced configuration can be carried out using software provided. The array heights range from 150 to 2400 mm, while the total range is 4 meters.

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Mini-Array Series Measuring Light Curtain

The Mini-Array Series of Light Curtains offer low-profile, programmable light screen systems for applications that involve inspections and profiling. The array includes a controller, emitter/receiver set and all the cables required. Available in heights from 133 to 1819 mm, the curtain is able to detect objects as small as 12.7 mm. Advanced configuration software is included within the package, if required and can be configured over a DeviceNet control network.

Mini-Array Series Two-Piece Measuring Light Curtain

This is a programmable, measuring light screen system, built for space-savvy applications, eliminating the need for a separate controller. The measuring array can be for profiling, inspection and object detection, and points out faults in the transmitter/receiver and lens. Various models are available with array lengths ranging from 150 to 1220 mm. The light curtain features two discrete outputs along with serial communication capabilities, usable with a EIA-485 serial interface.

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