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Banner Engineering Laser Distance Sensors

Industrial production is composed of a number of tasks, all of which go hand in hand. One of these tasks is measuring distances. The applications are so non-uniform in nature that producing one sensor capable of meeting all requirements is extremely difficult. Thus, Banner Engineering offers a number of laser distance sensors that have been designed for varying user requirements, while keeping reliability, safety, and workability in check.

Q4X Series Laser Distance Sensor

Banner Engineering qx4

The Q4X Series offers rugged and high-performance laser distance sensors that are capable of detecting sub-millimeter changes in distance. Different types of models available include discrete, analog, clear-object, and IO-link ones. The sensor operates within a range of 25mm – 610mm while detecting across a variety of colors, materials, and surfaces. As these sensors find their places in industrial environments, the housing is rated to IP69K with FDA-grade stainless steel.

LTF Series Laser Distance Sensor

Banner Engineering LTF

The LTF series hosts a family of long-range, time-of-flight laser sensors that are highly dependable in all types of environments, regardless of color, material, or form. The sensors can work up to 24 meters, and possess a high degree of accuracy while detecting targets. Setting up and troubleshooting the laser distance sensor is extremely easy with the two-line, eight-character, push-button powered display. The housing is rated at IP67 and is immune to ambient light.

LH Series Laser Distance Sensor

Banner Engineering LH

The LH Series Laser Distance Sensor is designed to offer top-of-the-line accuracy and robustness for the desired application. It makes use of a 1024-pixel CMOS linear imager to detect its target and enables reliable measurements to be taken of real-world targets such as ceramic, paper, and machined metal. Output may be achieved through 4-20mA analog outputs or RS-485 serial communication port.

Q50 Series LED Measurement Sensor

Banner Engineering q50

The Q50 Series sensor offers laser-like performance through its LED measurement sensor, with LED safety and economy. Available in discrete and analog models, the sensor provides a worthy alternative to lasers for applications such as dry-bulk level measurement and roll-diameter measurement. Models are available with both visible and invisible spectra, depending on the application.

LT7 Series Long-Range Laser Distance Sensor

Banner Engineering LT7

 LT7 Series of distance sensors provide truly long-range sensing capabilities, working at up to 250 meters. The sensor is offered in retroreflective models with two discrete outputs for extremely long ranges. In addition, an ongoing LCD display is provided for easy setup and troubleshooting. Outputs can be taken from an SSI-compatible serial connection or RS-422 ports.

No matter how challenging the robustness, detection, or accuracy criteria are, Banner Engineering covers all the bases, providing laser distance sensors for all sorts of application.

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