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Banner Engineering Industrial LED Task Lighting

When it comes to industrial spaces, lighting is extremely important. Without the proper lighting, things like quality, safety, and visibility can decrease. LED lights offer an excellent source of bright illumination that’s easy to use and efficient without the dangers of mercury and heat.

Banner Engineering offers high-quality industrial LED lighting products that are designed to meet the strictest regulations while providing long-lasting illumination within industrial floors. Banner Engineering’s comprehensive portfolio covers almost every application one may encounter within the workplace.

WLB32 Adjustable LED Workstation Light

Banner WLB32 SeriesThe WLB32 is a workstation LED that allows workers and operators to work in an evenly-lit area. The light features customizable intensity levels of high, low, and off, while its energy-efficient design results in cost savings in the long run. Both AC and DC models are available with motion detection and eye shields, housed within metal and shatterproof windows.

WLS27 Shatterproof LED Light

Banner WLS27 SeriesThe WLS27 LED Light is designed for rugged applications where the environment is prone to contamination. The exterior design is cylindrical, which is ideal for laminar airflow, and the light is available in eight lengths ranging from 145mm to 130mm. If needed, multiple lights can be installed in a daisy chain manner. The different WLS27 models follow IP65, IP67, and IP69K construction standards and can come in three-color and five-color models with EZ-STATUS. The lights also have automatic temperature protection to enhance operability.

WLC90 Heavy-Duty LED Light

Banner WLC90 SeriesThe WLC90 LED Light is perfect for high-temperature settings where exposure to chemicals, coolants, and detergents is common. The light is resistant to water, chemicals, and oil, and is available in IP67, IP68, and IP69K ratings. The operating range of the LED allows it to function at extreme temperatures and automatically adjust its intensity to ensure maximum life. The light also features three intensity settings and three lenses to fit a wide range of applications and needs.

WLA Series LED Area Light

Banner WLA SeriesIndustries that work with liquids, such as beverages and foods, require special lighting to illuminate their work cells. The WLA Series LED Area Light fits the requirement perfectly as it offers a high-powered LED array available in different colors, illuminating a large area within a minimal budget. The area light is available in four sizes depending on the application and leaves behind no pattern of shadows. If a more concentrated beam is required, then lensed models are also available that emit intense light beams for greater focus and clarity.

WL50S Sealed LED Spotlight

Banner WL50S SeriesThe WL50S Series spotlight is a general-purpose LED spotlight that is perfect for harsh environments because of its IP69K rating. The light operates on 12-30V DC and can be installed without any hassle thanks to its 30mm mounting base. The lenses are available in three angles to provide maximum coverage to the area of concentration with even light patterns. The light is available in the colors white, red, or green.


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