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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Nov 13, 2017 9:01:44 AM

general (1).pngA factory floor has a lot going at any particular instance. In order to avoid a mishap and ensure clear communication, highly visible indicators must be placed at strategic locations alongside major equipment. Operators must take special care in ensuring correct labels & varying colors to give workers a streamlined view of the current status.

barrel-mount-indicators-s18l-series.img.pngIntense & bright indication is a must for such panels so that the various machine stages, including cycle hold, fault, etc. can be communicated. All such requirements are met by the S18L series of general-purpose indicators. The S18L 18mm indicator range is available with 3 independent colors per unit. The range of colors include green, red, yellow, white, blue, turquoise, orange, sky blue, violet and magenta.

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An overview of the features is as follows:

  • Gasketed face flange for sealing to enclosures
  • IP69 protection
  • Terminal wired models to simplify panel wiring
  • Plug & play indication through M12 Euro connector
  • Both PNP & NPN models available

Banner-EZ-LIGHT-S18L-General-Purpose-Indicators.jpgCustomers can therefore easily create customizable & clear solutions for their dynamic workspace. The indicator lights are super-bright and can eliminate any chances of confusion. The translucent face appears grey when turned off, while daylight visible models stands out perfectly in areas of ambient light. The 18mm indicators can be used as part of a general-purpose panel or to fulfill a standalone requirement.


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