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fiber optics (1)Fiber optics have revolutionized the communication industry globally, and filled the vacuum left by medias such as copper & electromagnetic waves. Providing higher throughput over longer distances, fiber optics form the backbone of the world’s communication, connecting cities, countries and continents.

However, this isn’t the only application where fiber optics are used. In recent years, fiber optics have also penetrated the industrial sector, providing sensing in hard to reach areas that are otherwise effected by electromagnetic interference.

Like all mediums, optic fiber communications are also prone to attenuation. Instead of using a converter block and an electrical amplifier, optical amplifiers are used directly, eliminating the need of converting the light signal to an electrical one. Banner Engineering has a number of rugged, reliable & feature-full optical amplifiers to offer for use in industries. 

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DF-G3 Series Long Range Fiber Optic Amplifier

Designed for applications that require long-range detection, DF-G3 fiber amplifiers are available with IO-link that allow point-to-point communication between your devices, facilitating remote monitoring & configuration. The amplifier is able to sense at more than 3 meters with opposed mode fibers, and has easy to read displays through which both the signal level and threshold are visible.

As these amplifiers are built for use within industries, they feature energy efficient light resistance that allows them to carry out stable detection in an unforgiving environment. In addition, the amplifiers have cross-talk avoidance that allows seven inspections in dense sensing point applications.

DF-G1 Series General Purpose Fiber Optic Amplifier

This is a general purpose optic amplifier belonging to the DF family. The model possesses IO-Link capability, enabling point-to-point communication. Similar to the G3 version, this model also has dual digital displays and a simple user interface for configuration & maintenance. The amplifier also has an ultra-fast response speed, (200 micro seconds) and detects extraneous light sources if required.

D10 Series High Performance Fiber Optics Sensor

1498744710710The D10 Series High Performance fiber optic sensor features advanced amplifier for use with plastic fibers. The models available feature numeric and bar-graph displays, and allow push-button programming & manual gain adjustment. If required, the sensor operates in light-operate or dark-operate modes, all within a thin 10mm housing, usable with a standard DIN-rail mounting.

R55F Series Color Contrast Fiber Optic Sensors

The R55F Series Color Sensor delivers outstanding color-contrast sensitivity, reliably detecting 16 levels of grayscale at up to 10,000 actuations per second. The sensor is available in two fiber types, in plastic for repeated flexing, and in glass for harsh conditions. The sensor uses push-button programming for easy configuration & maintenance.

QS18 Series All Purpose Fiber Optic Amplifier

The QS18 Series of Optic Fiber Amplifiers feature a polarized coaxial optical design for reliable detection of clear targets. The amplifiers have an extremely quick response time of 400 microseconds. The harsh effects of an industrial environment are automatically compensated for by Banner’s ClearTracking algorithm, eliminating any changes due to dust & ambient light. The amplifier is commonly used for accurate tracking of clear PET bottles.

Mini-Beam Series Fiber Optic Amplifier

The Mini-Beam Amplifier is a miniature photoelectric sensor is an extremely popular sensor throughout the world, for a variety of sensing applications. The amplifier features a teachable microprocessor, which when operated in Teach mode can learn the on & off sensing conditions. The operation is simple and requires only the push of a single button. The amplifier can sense in a variety of modes, virtually meeting all sensing requirements in the plant, from regular to diffusive to retro-reflective, etc.

Q45 Series Rugged Fiber Optic Amplifier

1506196474007A basic, low-cost sensor, the Q45 Sensor is a basic on-off sensor that hosts a number of advanced features, fit for several applications. Firstly, the sensor is free of compatibility issues and is compatible with every fieldbus and protocol from DeviceNET to ProfiBus to CAN. For advanced functionalities, the sensor can undergo quick upgrades through the insertion of circuit board modules providing functions related to timers, logic gates and bus systems. The ruggedness of this model especially stands out and is rated at NEMA 6P level. The amplifier has rugged thermoplastic polyester housings and O-ring sealed top covers to withstand the most severe of conditions.

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